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Week 1, Conclusion

Sarah was a remarkable woman. She "obeyed her husband by calling him lord." (I Pet. 3:6) She followed him from Ur to Haran, through Canaan, and down to Egypt. In Egypt she was used as a bargaining tool for the caravan family of Abraham. Sarah shared the burden of despair with Abraham from not being able to conceive a child. It would appear that Abraham was monogamous with Sarah. However, in her impatience, she decided to fix the promise of a child by adopting an idea from pagan culture that was not in keeping with the promise God intended. The Egyptian maid, Hagar, conceived and the result was a child by the will of man. The self-will of Sarah brought much heartache to the family and to Sarah. Later she had to separate herself and her family from Hagar and Ishmael.

Sarah was given a miracle child in Isaac. She and Abraham spent many years enjoying the blessing of God's promise of descendants through their beloved son. This was not without great challenge and faith building, but in the end the blessedness of Sarah's barrenness was revealed by Almighty God. The blessedness of God was seen and shared, as it is even today! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!


Anonymous said...

This has been a great lesson! I appreciate the opportunity to work ahead so I can travel to visit my children and grands. I will read everyone elses posts over the weekend. I pray for multiple blessings to all of us strong and faithful women.

Anonymous said...

There is a blessedness to not conceiving in that you have more energy than those who have their bodies tapped, but I do not know by my own experience what it feels like to want a child and not get one. However, I do know what it feels like to have children with a husband who doesn't love you and then leaves you alone to care for those children without any support whatsoever.
Not good, but God loves women without husbands in a special way, and I have experience His wonderful care. When I put God first and foremost, and didn't look to a man to fulfill me spiritually, I even got a husband several years later who really loves me. He showed it by waiting until marriage to have sex with me, (even when he probably could have had me sooner.)
Thank you Jesus for your wonderful mercy!
When I was weak, He, Jesus, was strong. And when my husband was weak, I was strong, thanks to Jesus!

Christina Ketchum said...

I really enjoyed this study. In the conclusion "faith building" is mentioned. I am glad there is a name for it because I am going through A LOT of Faith Building! I really enjoyed reading everyone's comments. It helps to know that I am not the only one working on building my faith. I am sure Faith Building is an exciting (sometimes scary) life long process!

DA Wagners said...

I'm so glad that so many women opened their hearts during this first week. I've learned just as much reading your responses as I have doing these lessons! Thanks for sharing, and I hope I will continue to see everyone's precious comments throughout the rest of the study.

Web Bible Babes said...

The next study starts Monday, May 28th and we will be discussing the life of Rebekah. Remember, if you skip a day you can always make it up later in the week. Also, make sure you look back at comments from previous days so you don't miss reading any late ones. Reading comments are a wonderful part of these studies!

:-) Christina

Anonymous said...

What a blessing this first week has been! I've gained some new insight into the life of Sarah and I've loved reading everyone's comments...thanks for sharing!


Barbara said...

Like it said in the conclusion I think too, that Sarah was a remarkable woman. There's a lot of good traits to learn from her on how to be a godly wife, despite the mistakes she made.
Well said Christina! Loved your comment. I am right there with you!
It was a wonderful first week of study. Thank you everyone for your comments.
I am looking forward to more weeks to come.

Anonymous said...

I'm really enjoying this study! This is an awesome idea! I loved learning about Sarah and can't wait to learn from other women.