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Week 1, Day 5

1. What significance is established in Genesis 17:1-8 and 15-21 between God, Abram, and Sarai? (Rom. 4:17-25; Neh. 9:7)
2. Describe the scene in Genesis 18:1-15 by answering the following questions: WHO, WHAT, WHEN & WHERE?
3. What do you see about Sarah?
4. Read Genesis 20:1-18. What did Sarah have to endure yet again?
5. How was she pulled into the lie? (v.5)
6. What was the significance of this event after the Lord had promised Abraham and Sarah a son in one year's time?
7. What can be learned from Abraham's self-willed plan to protect himself from foreigners? (vv.11-13)

1. God chose Abraham and Sarah as His own. He specifically renamed them. How are you viewed among those who know you, and what does your name represent toward man and God?
2. What seemingly impossible circumstance have you laid at Jesus' feet today? (Gen. 18:14; Phil. 4:13) Is anything too difficult for the Lord?
3. What half truth almost became a total disaster for you this week? (1 John 1:5-10)
4. In all the sin represented in these verses, did God change His mind regarding the promise to Abraham and Sarah? How does this bring comfort to your heart, mind, body, and soul today?


Anonymous said...

The readings start out as an uplifting lesson, with promises of blessings for faithfull service. I am amazed that the Lord would appear to them, yet both Abraham and Sarah would laugh at the promise of a child. I wonder how often the Lord has "appeared" to me in various ways, yet I laughed or shrugged it off. But what impresses me most is that God is faithful and kept His promise of a child. This gives me hope that even when I doubt, God will also continue to guide me.

DA Wagners said...

What I learned from Abraham and Sarah was that God was sooo patient w/ them. He never changed His promise even though Sarah and Abraham lied to Him, laughed at Him, did not trust Him and did not obey Him. After all of that, I would have felt justified to take my promise back. But God did not! This just reminds me that we are not accountable to other people's actions; we're only accountable to our own. I cannot let another person change my obedience to God. And I hate to say this, but I'm struggling w/ this right now. It's easy to let go of negative actions done toward yourself, but when they are done to your kids . . . it so hard to not want to recipricate the behavior. But how can I expect my kids to be forgiving if I'm not forgiving of people who offend/hurt them?

Carol M said...

When I first read this I couldn't believe Abraham did it agian. Not only did he lie(sin) but pulled his wife into it as well. God just promised Abraham that he would be the Father of a Nation. Did he not think God would protect him and Sarah? After all Sarah was going to have a baby. I was irritated with Abraham for doubting and trusting God. Then I started thinking about my life and how God has been so patient and loving towards me. There are times that I know He is asking me to do something and because of fear, insecurity, not in my comfort zone, you name it I don't do it in His timing or not at all. Afterwards, I feel so awful that I just let Him down and ask for forgivness and pray that He not give up on me. You know what, He hasn't. He is so compassionate, His love is never ending and He forgives me. I am not so hard on Abraham any more. I can understand a little of his insecurity.

Anonymous said...

I laughed when I read v.16 in chapter 20! I think I heard sarcasm in Abimelech's voice when he said to Sarah, "I am giving thousand shekels of silver." Unfortunately, I can relate to Abraham. I have allowed fear to cloud my judgement many times and because of lack of faith, I let God down. It's encouraging to know that Abraham is considered a great man of faith in spite of the times he obviously wasn't!


Christina Ketchum said...

Stepping out on faith is a skill that I really need to practice. At least for me, the more I do it; the easier it becomes. Example, 6 months ago I thought there was no financial way I could stay home with my newborn son instead of working full-time. My twin told me to step out on faith which completely upset me at first. I did the math and unless a miracle happened I HAD to work full-time for at least 1 year until my husband got a raise. Well... a miracle happened (we sold our old house for much more than we expected) and here I am looking at my beautiful son watch Baby Einstein! God is GREAT!

DA Wagners said...

I've been there,Carol, and still find myself there often. It's wonderful to know that other Christian women go through the same things. Thanks for sharing.

Barbara said...

In a way I can relate to Abraham. In his situation, I don't know if I would have done anything different. I mean, he was really fearing for his life.
And haven't I at times told a half-truth? Even if it wasn't a matter of life or death. Or caused somebody else to lie? Oh, that's a big one.
That's why I am so very thankful for Gods faithfulness. Even when we are not obedient or sin against him, even when we laugh at his promise and go like "yeah right", he will keep his covenant with us. I guess that is one of his very characteristic that define him as the God he is. And it is a characteristic he glorifies himself with. All made possible through the sacrifce of his son Jesus Christ. Wow, is God good or what?!!

jlsohl said...

I think this helps me know that regardless of what ridiculous choices I make, God loves me nonetheless. That unfailing love is inspiring.

I totally related to Abraham. I mean, many times I've felt like God doesn't really know what I've done, who I really am... what I really think. I'm a terrible person, and He just doesn't see that.

I can't remember who said it, but the guilt we feel for our mistakes is unnecessary and actually inappropriate. Jesus' sacrifice was so great, it was enough for God. He wants us to love Him, and nothing we do to ourselves, or others, is greater than Jesus' death.

Sarah said...

I loved DeeDee's comment about Abram being known as a man of faith even with his failings. I hope that will be said about me as I continue to trust God for peace of mind and body and work to get that peace. Hebrews 12:11