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Week 2, Day 4

1. Read Genesis 27:1-46. Describe the deceptive scheme Rebekah and Jacob played on Isaac.

2. Did it succeed?

Rebekah had always remembered the words spoken to her by God during her pregnancy. Jacob would be the one to rule over Esau. Isaac also was aware of these words. It was Esau who had sold his birthright to his brother Jacob for a meal. (Gen. 26:30-31) It was also Esau who had married foreign women, bringing much heartache and shame to the family. (Gen. 26:34-35) It was Jacob who was more sensitive and caring. He was around the tents more and kept himself pure from foreign women. Rebekah knew that God had chosen Jacob for the blessing, but her faith was weak. She plotted to take the blessing from Esau by scheming with Jacob and taking advantage of Isaac's blindness.

3. What was the motive behind Rebekah's scheme?

Although it was God's plan for Jacob to receive the blessing, Jacob and Rachel did not chose God's way of bringing it about. Rebekah took action to get the blessing for Jacob, but she did it her way, not God's. She ran ahead of God and paid for it dearly in the end. Jacob also had to bear the results of his deception. Sin always has consequences!

4. What happened because of their scheme to deceive Isaac? (Gen. 27:41-45)

5. Was Rebekah's plea to Isaac about Jacob completely true? (v.46)

6. How long did Rebekah think that Jacob would be gone (v.44)?How long was he gone? (Gen. 31:38-41)

It is believed that Rebekah died sometime in the 20 years that Jacob was away. No further mention of his mother is made after this. However, Rebekah's nurse, Deborah, is mentioned in Genesis 35:8. She died in the company of Jacob and his family. It was common that when a mother died her nurse would be given to the firstborn son, in this case Jacob.

The cost of deception was heavy for Rebekah and Jacob. Rebekah had to live with Esau and his rebellious lifestyle. She also mourned for her beloved son, Jacob, and never knew about the blessings in his life.

Jacob had to work seven years for each of his wives. He was deceived by his father-in-law. He also had to live with bickering, backbiting, and dishonesty in Laban's household for 20 years.

There is a heavy price for going ahead of God and following the will of man.


1. Dishonesty in any form brings separation from God and one another. What deceptive scheme are you working on now that should be stopped before disaster strikes?

2. Showing favoritism can be destructive. Who are you showing favoritism to with costly results?

3. Sin is separation from God and His will for you. What sin in the past has cost you something today?

How can you keep from that sin in the future?

4. One lie leads to more lies. What lie have you told that has become more severe with time?

Are you willing to confess it now and move into wholeness and purity? (1 John 1:9)


Christina said...

Whoa! These are some DIFFICULT questions! I discussed these questions between me and God with some detail but you guys will be getting the more censored version. My past sins involve the old cliche "sex, drugs and rock & roll". In my late teens and early 20's I was caught up in what the world thought was cool and exciting. Looking back I realize it was the most miserable time of my life; full of emotional pain and suffering. My life is so much more exciting and fun now but with an overall sense of peace. I still emotionally struggle with my past sins and have to give it to God on a DAILY basis. THANK GOD FOR GRACE!!! I wish I can change my past but since I can’t I have used those experiences to try to steer young women away from the same fate.

Anonymous said...

Though I too have had a pretty wild past, I did fully give it to God and live with the peace of knowing it has been forgiven. It took a few years to quit thinking about it. Now, I have a DEEP graditude for the grace God has given me. My tears then wear of shame and guilt and now they are of thanks and appreciation. During first wednesdays and worship on sundays I very often cry my eyes out singing to God. Having had such a huge request for forgiveness for so many sins, I have a TREMENDOUS appreciation of forgiveness! I too feel called to steer other women from the same pain.

Janel said...

Wow. I agree, Christina. Toughies today. My intial response was, well I don't have any of these... I'm not that bad. But really, I'm allowing myself some sort of internal scale of acceptability. I think that might be one of my deceptive scheme. I convince myself that I'm not like those people, trying to set myself apart. Meanwhile, I really think God doesn't have a sin-scale, a set of numerical values assigned to each sin. Thus, in reality, my deception is no better or worse than the next persons. And here I am, the quintessential Christian double talker. Amen, Christina! Thank God for grace, for sure.

I try to call myself out on my mess ups when I pray, because I believe that we're to confess our sins. But doing so publicly is a much more humbling experience.

DA Wagners said...

I've tried to rob God of His glory so many times! I'm just like Rebekah. I know what the outcome should be and I hurry up the process by trying to do it my way. I'm learning to watch and wait on God.

About my past. My twenties were self-fulfilling and luke warm and I regret wasting those precious moments on mediocrity.