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Week 4, Conclusion

God is always listening to us. He is all-knowing, compassionate, merciful, loving, and faithful. We have looked into the hearts of two exciting Women of Faith this week. God spoke to each of these women in unique ways. The conversation He used was tailored to the heart of each individual. God's knowledge of us is so perfect and complete that He knows how to get our attention and how to move us in the process of obedience.

Manoah's wife was faithful to God in keeping herself pure for the son God gave her out of her barrenness. She raised her son in a worthy manner, and God was pleased. Hannah was led to call upon the LORD in her barrenness. Out of her "great sorrow" she gave her life and that of her child to God for His service (through faith, because he had not yet been conceived). God honored her prayer and blessed her in full measure.

Over and over again, the LORD points us to prayer as the means of relating to Him. The conversations we have with the Father are directly related to the blessings we receive from Him. It is God's nature to graciously bestow blessings on us. These women desired to be faithful to their call and vow. They experienced His grace in allowing them to be part of His divine plan. They are examples of how God works in the lives of His children.

God desires fellowship with His children. Relationship building is extremely essential to God. He is always ready to help us in adversity, famine, barrenness, prosperity, fruitlessness, and fruitfulness. He wants us to seek Him while He may be found. He desires for us to delight in Him and to thank Him. While He tarries and we wait expectantly for His return, we need to be diligent in prayer, fellowship, and Bible study. Then when He comes we will recognize Him as our FATHER, FRIEND, SAVIOR, KING, and LORD GOD ALMIGHTY!



Anonymous said...

This was a wonderful study! It covered both prayer to God and listening to God. I sometimes think of prayer (praise, petitions) as "talking" to Him and meditation (reading, being still) as "listening" to Him. I am reminded that I need to do both more often!
Cindy Faulkner

Web Bible Babes said...

This was another AMAZING week! Thank you for sharing your hearts and thoughts! There are only 2 more weeks left in this study. Next week we will be discussing and learning about the life of Elizabeth.

- Christina

Twisting His Arm said...

I can't believe there are only 2 more weeks left! I feel like I have learned so much and grown closer to God and to ya'll!

- Christina :-)