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Week 4, Day 1

Manoah's wife/Samson's mother

1. Read Judges 13:1-25. What was the condition of Israel at this time?

Identify the "certain man" of verse 2.

2. Describe the incredible scene in verses 2-5. How was it similar to the account in Luke 1:11-17?

3. What did the woman do after the angel appeared to her? What additional information did she share with Manoah?

Nazarite means "separate" or "one who is separated unto the LORD." This did not mean that the person would be a hermit, but rather that the person would follow the rules of the vow as stated in the text. Anyone could, for a season, make this vow and follow its requirements for purity. Other examples in Scripture of someone taking a Nazarite vow are Samuel (1 Sam. 1:11-28) and John the Baptist (Luke 1:15). It is believed that Paul could also have made this vow. (Acts 21:23-26)

4. What did Manoah do in verse 8?

5. How did God respond? (vv.9-14)

6. What did the angel of the LORD say to Manoah?


1. God's power and His presence are awesome, and He demonstrates them in every age. (1 Chron. 29:10-13) How does God reveal Himself to you? Do you see Him as awesome?

AWE (#3372) Meaning: A very positive feeling of reverence for God which may be expressed in piety or formal worship. Holy respect, trembling. (Lexicon, p. 1733.)

2. God is honored when His people live holy lives. (Rom. 12:1-2) How are you living your life today?

3. Prayer is conversation with God. He hears our hearts. (John 17) What prayer has God answered for you today? Are you grateful for His answer?


Christina said...

Lately I have felt so BLESSED! I spend countless minutes thanking God for my child, husband, family, friends, health, car, house, yard, ocean and a plethora of life comforts. It was getting to the point that I felt so undeserving of all these blessings especially when I read about so many disadvantaged and suffering people. I kind of compare it to "survivor's guilt"; why am I so fortunate and so many others are not. I really struggling with this question for a while. About a month ago, I heard a sermon and the preacher had struggled with the same question. He finally realized that he had NO right to question God's plan and the blessings God gave him. The only thing he could do was be thankful and try to bless others. This was such a relief to hear. So instead of wondering why, I started to focus on being thankful and being a giver.

Janel said...

After I went home for my sister's wedding I was truly missing my family. I felt like no one understood me, could relate, and I wanted to be "home." He's blessed me by opening my eyes to the family He's created for me right here. Friends who care for me and for my husband and my children as family. He's blessed me with the opportunity to serve Him just where my talents are allowing me to shine just for Him. Pity party ended!

I think sometimes I feel like Manoah and his wife. Like, "Oh, THAT was God?!? DOH!" I'm so busy talking to or at Him I forget to stop and listen.

Anonymous said...

I found it interesting that Manoah's wife was not named in this passage even though she was the one that the angel appeared to and she had to follow specific directions. The point of the passage (to me) was that Samson was born as a blessing from God and later becomes very important in the history. I remember my husband once saying "I just want to be someone." Perhaps our legacy (what we pass down through our children) is what is important in God's kingdom.
Cindy Faulkner