We are taking a break for the summer until futher notice.

Week 1 - Day 1

1. Spend your time today reading through this book as if it were a letter from an old friend. Don’t worry at this point about understanding everything; just get a feel for the book. Record your initial thoughts and feelings.

2. Responding to God: Write a prayer to God, expressing your response to Him about something you read in James. Maybe you need to thank Him for a blessing. Perhaps you need to praise Him for something about His character. Or maybe you need to confess that you aren’t doing well at something He asks of you! You do not have to share your answer if you don't want to!

3. Stronger Jeans (optional): The book of James seems to involve many loosely related topics. As best you can, choose themes for each chapter and an overall theme of the book. If you know how to put it in a book chart, you may want to do that. This will be your optional assignment for the entire week.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that was a really awesome book and very small too. I found many scriptures that I'm underlining for refernce. The memory verse for the week has really spoken to me personally. Just yesterday, I was telling my husband about some personal trials I feel like I'm under and I wouldn't say it's really testing my faith, but it has testing what I thought God was telling me. With this verse, i realize that I need to find joy in these trials knowing that it's teaching me to perservere.

Twisting His Arm said...

Reading James gave me the chills because it is SO powerful. I have heard people claim the Bible has ALL the answers but now I am totally starting to believe it. There were so many things I read in James that I want to discuss but I am sure we will cover them in the course of 10 weeks so I will focus on one point. The statement "We who teach will be judged more strictly" totally blew me away. I have heard this comment before but now that I have my son it has more meaning. I am the ONE person that my son sees most; what an amazing responsibility and opportunity. I know to the world’s standards I am a pretty good mom but what about God's standards? I definitely need to get my rump in gear!!!

:-) Christina

Anonymous said...

I was amazed at what this verse is saying to me. I have learned from many of the trials i have been though and it has made me a very strong woman. And now with the will to learn more about our God and how i can make sure i am following his direction and his lead in my life.


Anonymous said...

God is just consistent in teaching me whatever lesson He wants to teach.

I ordered Joyce Meyer's teaching on the tongue last week and I was actually tested about holding my tongue over the weekend.

Today, I learned about this site through a homeschooling site (thanks Sue, I think) And guess what, James 3 talks about the tongue.

God is so faithful!

I'm truly looking forward to what the Lord has to teach me through James this next weeks.


Canadian Bird said...

I have heard these verses in some way or another throughout my life. Trials & tribulations make us stronger. Be quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to anger. I've found much wisdom in them.

The last part of James 1 really hit home. Am I a forgetful listener? I tend to think I am at times. I don't want to be. I listen to the message in service each Sunday & I truly take it to heart. I make plans in my heart & mind of how to incorporate that into my life RIGHT AWAY...but sometimes (more often than not) I fail. I want to live it! I am prayerful that with continued devotion & staying in the Word, I can live it! "I want to be more like Jesus..."


DA Wagners said...

There is so much I liked about James: the power of the "tongue" really hit home. But, what I found that was really freeing was chapter 5:13. "Is anyone among you suffering? Let him pray. Is anyone cheerful? Let him sing praises."

I'm a very cheerful person. I do go through difficult times, but I just feel so blessed. I look around me, and I'm amazed at what God has done for me and what He's entrusted to me! It is freeing to know that I can be joyful and cheerful during these times without feeling guilty.

I know that I will go through rough times that will try to break me and rob me of my inner song, and during that time I will pray; however, at this moment, I'm full of cheer, praises and thankfulness.