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Week 2 - Day 4

Read James 1:12-16.

1. What causes us to be tempted?

2. What does James 1:12-16 teach about God and His character?

Douglas Moo explains what we cannot see from our English translations:
The Greek word for ‘test’ in v. 12, peirazo, is the same word that is translated ‘tempt’ in vv. 13-14. Using this term as a link-word, therefore, James makes the transition from testing to temptation. God, James has said, promises a blessing to those who endure trials. Every trial, every external difficulty, carries with it a temptation, an inner enticement to sin. God may bring, or allow, trials; but he is not, James insists the author of temptation (v. 13).

Stronger Jeans (optional): Look for the word temptation in your concordance and find cross-references. What do you learn about temptation from them?

3. Sharing Question: Tell your group about a time when you faced a trial and ended up being tempted in some way—perhaps, not to trust God or to be angry or to run from the trial. How did you respond when tempted?

4. How did Jesus handle temptation? Read these verses and write down your insights:
a. Mt. 4:1-11
b. Mt. 26:36-46
c. Heb. 4:14-16

5. How can you apply the lessons of the verses in the previous question when you face temptation?

6. Responding to God: Think of a specific area of temptation with which you often deal and pray about it. Ask God to help you face temptation as Jesus did, with His power and His help.


Twisting His Arm said...

I really liked the verse Matthew 26:41, "Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the body is weak."

I am normally so full of good intentions until temptation is present then I falter. It is so easy to say ‘I am going to make these positive changes’ until I need to put them into action and it becomes difficult.

God, help me be a person who puts their good intentions into actions. Help me not to rationalize myself into temptation. Help me be a strong disciple during the good and bad seasons of my life. Thank you for all your blessings and patients. AMEN!!!

Sohl Gal said...

One area of temptation I struggle with is sharing my viewpoints. My husband will share his struggles, and it is tempting to tell him what he should do. Or a friend, or my sister, etc. Rather than giving in to that temptation, I'm relying on God's strength to keep my opinions to myself until they're asked for. In that wait, I can think about what's most important to say, how to stay it in a loving way, or if it's really necessary to have an opinion on that particular subject at all.

DA Wagners said...

I face the trial of being contantly judged and criticized by certain people in my life. Sometimes I'm tempted to go down to that level of judgment and criticism, and it's hard to resist myself. But, I need to remember that just because someone uses this negative behavior towards me, it does not give me the right to reciprocate. I am accountable for my own actions; and I need to focus on the good in them, even if they hurt me. The one good thing about this trial is that it makes me keenly aware of my behavior. I don't want to hurt people like I've been hurt.

DA Wagners said...

Crissy, good prayer! I'll pray that prayer for you, and you can pray it for me. Same thing goes for you Janel.

Anonymous said...

I still am tempted to unforgive people who have wronged me. I have forgiven them in the past but sometimes thoughts come up or situations that bring the past back to mind.

Some days, I am successful in casting down those unforgiving thoughts. But there are days, especially when I haven't prayed or read His Word, and it's just easy to stew in unforgiveness.

Latoya said...

I have been put through trials regarding my finances lately. In the midst of those, I have been tempted to do all of the figuring out on my own without trusting in God's help. I am still trying to learn how to stand on His word and really let go and let God. I think most of the time I block my blessing by taking back what I gave God to handle.

Latoya said...

When it comes to forgiveness, I have forgiven those whom have wronged me but I struggle to act like I have. I'm not sure if maybe I'm still holding on to the things that were done but, living in love towards all is definitly a challenge.

You know my heart and what I am striving to do. May Your will be my will and Your ways my ways, that I can fellowship with you intimitly.