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Week 2 - Personal Story

Jan's Story

I learned about God’s character as I went through tough times. I was married while still in college and soon had four healthy children and tried to be the best wife and mother that I knew how to be. They all loved the Lord and going to Sunday School and we were very involved in the church. My husband was very involved in his job and we seldom saw him, so when he was transferred to Houston, I thought it would be great for our family to be living in the Bible Belt and having their father around more.

Our boys were in Senior High and the girls in Junior High, and they had always walked to school, but now the boys would be taking the bus. Later I learned that their first day on the bus, they were both introduced to marijuana and found it very helpful in relaxing in their new environment and making new friends. We all had lots of adjustments to make and since my husband was now the manager of the Houston office, he was as busy as ever. By January of our first year, I was a Bible study discussion leader and found it so exciting. About that same time, our oldest son stole the car and tried to run away to Mexico, but was caught at the border. He thought we would be better off without him. We now know that he also had Aspberger Syndrome, a highly functional form of Autism. By the end of our first year in Houston, three of our children were on drugs and alcohol and the oldest had dropped out of school after being kicked out. Soon after, our fourth child joined the others because the other kids weren't allowed to play with her because of her brothers and sister. Our whole world had turned upside down and the children I loved were like complete strangers who were destroying themselves.

Even though I was in great pain, I knew that God was faithful and that all of my children belonged to Him. During that time, I began to experience God's grace and mercy. First he had placed me in the Bible study leadership group just when I needed them; every week, they prayed for me and my family, never judging me. Also, He began sending other people to me who were also experiencing pain and I was learning that God was able to use my weaknesses instead of what I thought were my strengths. (II Corin.12:9) That period of our lives lasted at least five years with various ups and downs, but God remained closer to me than at any other time in my life. In fact, I had such a peace during that time that my father-in-law said it proved that I was mentally ill from all that religious junk. God also protected all of our children during that time and they all say that they know it was my prayers that kept them alive. Experiencing God's grace and mercy during the worst period of my life has taken away any fear of what the future may hold for me or our children and grandchildren.


Twisting His Arm said...

This story sounds like something I put my mom through (Sorry mom). I PRAY I never have to go through this mess with my own children. I better start praying NOW!!!!

Web Bible Babes said...

I hope you had a wonderful week learning what God says about perseverance. We hope to see you on Monday when we start "Faith that Fixes What's in the Mirror". Have a blessed filled weekend!!!
:-) Christina

DA Wagners said...

That story is depressing, especially when you have young kids full of potential. I know that my kids could make all of the wrong decisions and lead lives that end in destruction (though, I pray not!), but I wouldn't have sacrficed the beautiful time that I have raising them for anything. Sometimes I see so much sin in this world (including my own), and I wonder why God would ever have made the human race to begin with. But then I look at the sheer awesomeness of my sons, and I understand why God created us: though we are marred with sin, we were still created in His image, and that makes us beautiful to Him.

jjdsc said...

For a stay at home mom with 2 little boys, this story is disturbing. So far, I feel that I have invested so much prayer and of myself to my children and it angers me to see the workings of Satan to destroy our children.

It makes me even more aware the importance of praying for our kids and what Satan meant for evil, God turns for good. I am so thankful and hopeful that we and our kids have a fighting chance and victory over Satan & his forces.