We are taking a break for the summer until futher notice.

Week 3 - Day 4

Read James 1:21-25. Your memory verse for this week is in this passage. If you haven’t already memorized it, work on it today. But be sure you review the previous weeks’ verses as well. I have found that I lose what I memorize if I don’t continue reviewing.

1. What two responses to God’s word are contrasted here?

2. What is James’ illustration in 1:23-24 and how does it help you understand your two possible responses to God’s word?

3. God’s people have always been in danger of forgetting. Read these passages and write down your thoughts:
a. Ex. 13:3
b. Num. 15:39
c. Deut. 6:10-12

4. Read Jer. 2:32; 3:19-20. What do you learn here about God’s feelings for His people Israel? Describe God’s feelings when His people forgot Him.

Stronger Jeans (optional): Based upon your previous Bible study, what biblical characters forgot God and/or His blessings? What happened as a result?

5. Sharing Question: How have you been guilty of forgetting your God and His blessings? Give specifics.

6. Responding to God question: Consider the hurt that God has felt over your forgetfulness of Him and His blessings in your life. Write a prayer of confession, asking for the forgiveness that He promises and longs to give!


Twisting His Arm said...

I am forgetful of my blessings all the time. It sometimes takes other people or circumstances in my life to remind me of my blessings. I always took my physical health for granted until I was unable to walk for 5 months. So now I don't complain when I exercise because I know there are people out there that physically can't exercise. Thank You God for all my BLESSINGS especially my physical health!!!

learning every day said...

I have found that Bible Studies have helped me in scripture memory probably more than anything else.
Gossipp (sp), "sharing" ugh is a something that costs me too much. I find also, watching an iffy movie can really effect my relationship with God, which is not worth it, to say the least. One time I saw something on t.v. which I regret ! It really did sneak up on me,(maybe I did know better), one of those series shows. They seem to get more insiduously evil every other show, or so.
This is a great study, thank you for letting me begin in the middle.
And thank you Crissy, for all of your hard work, this is a blessing to me.

Carol M said...

I find that I am like the people of Israel. When times are hard my pray time increases and it seems like I am always talking to Jesus. When He helps me through that hard times then I find that my pray time isn't what it was and I am not talking to Him as much. When He compared Israel to an unfaithful wife, He was comparing me to that as well. I never thought of it that way. I don't want to be an unfaithful wife.

jjdsc said...

During devotion in the morning I think of His blessings, but by the afternoon, I have gotten so busy that I don't remember all what He's done or I have to really sit down and think about it which is usually difficult because of busyness.

Sohl Gal said...

I often forget how much He's blessed me. I get so wrapped up in my "to do" list that I forget why all those things are there in the first place. I have to run here, get that, see this person, drop that off, because He's blessed me with these people, with these gifts, with these children, with this life, and above all, with His love.

DA Wagners said...

The main blessing that I take for granted is the fact that God wants me to write. Many times I complain, "God, why have You given me a desire to write?! It's so hard!" How foolish of me. God is blessing me with the ability to write for His kingdom and, I complain! Horrible! I should be saying, "God, thank You for the ability to write Your words. I am not worthy. Please cover me with Your grace!"