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Week 3 - Introduction: Faith that Fixes What's in the Mirror

Wisdom for a Blue Jean Faith (Week 3 Memory Verse)

“For if someone merely listens to the message and does not live it out, he is like someone who gazes at his own face in a mirror. For he gazes at himself and then goes out and immediately forgets what sort of person he was.” James 1:23-24 (NET)

I have a pair of painting jeans. Whenever I paint something—usually a room or the trim in our house—I wear them. They definitely show the wear and tear of the abuse I give them with the paint. (I am not very good at keeping the paint on the wall!) The jeans have spots of green paint that I used in my home office; there are blotches of white paint from the trim all around my house. There are various other colors as well that display the work that I have done. The jeans are the visible proof of what I have accomplished.

So far we have seen that faith is lived out when we face the trials and hardships of life. When we deal with such difficulties, we need to have our “jeans” on because we need durable and practical faith instead of merely “Sunday clothes” that look really nice but are fragile and vulnerable when put to the test. Our jeans are the visible proof that our faith has been tested and found real.

James calls us to live out our faith in very practical and real ways as we walk through this world. As we align our lives with the message of the Creator, we show the reality of our relationship to the one who made us and knows us best. Living in the midst of His will, we live with our “jeans” on.

How To Use This Study Guide (Review)



Wisdom for a Blue Jean Faith —Each week you will have a verse to memorize that brings out an essential lesson or thought from the week’s study. Begin learning it the first day, hiding God’s Word in your heart.

Personal Stories —Each lesson includes a true story that relates the truths of the week’s lesson to a woman’s real life experience. Some of the names have been changed to protect the guilty! These stories will encourage you in your walk with God and your growth in godliness.


Specific types of questions included in each day’s work:

1. Sharing Questions are designed for you to write stories, insights, and applications from your own life. You will never be forced to share one of these answers aloud (post a comment) with your group, but growing in community with one another requires us to be open and vulnerable so volunteer to share.

2. Responding to God Questions are reminders that we study God’s Word so that He can speak to us and we are changed thereby. We should be listening for His voice. These types of questions ask for a response to God’s personal message to you. I have found that writing out my prayers helps me to focus better on what I need to say to God. No one will ask you to read (post) yours, but you should always feel free to share your response with your group.

3. Stronger Jeans are optional questions designed for those who want to dig deeper. Some of the answers will be easy for even a beginning Bible student, and some will require more experience in God’s Word.


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