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Week 4 - Day 2

Reread James 2:1-13. Now back to the command not to be prejudiced!

1. In your own words explain the illustration of prejudice that James used as an example of how favoritism might work in the church of that day.

Hiebert says that the word for partiality or prejudice “came to be used of any form of improper preferential treatment. In the New Testament it always denotes favoritism or partiality, a biased judgment based on external circumstances….”

Stronger Jeans (optional): Look up the Greek word for partiality or prejudice and some cross-references that use that same word. Write down any further insights.

2. What examples of prejudice or partiality have you seen in churches today?

3. Sharing Question: what prejudices, partialities, or favoritisms do you have? Maybe you don’t treat any group poorly but simply defer to those whom you consider higher up—the wealthy, the powerful, or the well-known. Would you be more likely to come to a worship service or church event if a “star” of some kind spoke? (There are “stars”, even in the church!)

4. Let’s look at some verses about God’s character. Write down your thoughts about how they relate to James’ teaching about prejudice:
a. Deut. 10:17-18
b. Rom. 2:11
c. Eph. 6:9
d. Col. 3:25

5. How does Gal. 3:28 parallel James’ teaching in chapter 2:1-13?

6. In James 2:4 what does he call the one who shows prejudice? Explain your understanding of James’ statement.

7. Responding to God: if God has convicted you about any sort of prejudicial behavior and thinking, confess that before Him today. Remember that He forgives our sins according to His mercy.


Anonymous said...

This is a topic I haven't really thought much of. I'm sure there is something that I have done that shows partiality.

I think maybe welcoming a person I think I'm compatible with and not talking to another visitor because of the way they dress.

This is an eye opener.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you jjdsc, I probably do it myself a lot and don't even realize that it's a sin. I've been praying for God to help me to see where i'm sinning and not even knowing it. I'll definetly be working on this one.

Sohl Gal said...

I'm totally guilty of many kinds of prejudices, intentionally or not intentionally. I'll be praying hard for God to grow me through these.

Twisting His Arm said...

I have actually been thinking about this recently. I am pretty easy-going and have a good sense of humor (so i like to think) therefore I normally stay clear of REAL serious people. I have always thought REAL serious meant REALLY bland. I am beginning to find out that REAL serious people can be very interesting and I shouldn't be so quick to judge.

DA Wagners said...

I don't warm up to non-Christians very well. I feel an instant disconnect because I'm unable to talk about what I value most with them. But, I need to remember that they are God's children too. He loves them just as much as He loves me, and I have no right to jugde them.