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Week 4 - Day 5

Reread James 2:1-13. Think about the context as we look more closely at vv.12-13.

1. What are we instructed to do?

The word judgment sounds scary. As believers, we know that our sins were judged at the cross because Jesus paid for them. We will never pay for them ourselves. But we also know that we will face judgment.

2. How do these verses help you with this, if they do?
a. Matt. 25:31-46
b. Rom. 2:7-8
c. 1 Cor. 3:9-15
d. 2 Cor. 5:10

Moo says, “God’s gracious acceptance of us does not end our obligation to obey him; it sets it on a new footing. No longer is God’s law a threatening, confining burden. For the will of God now confronts us as a law of liberty—an obligation we discharge in the joyful knowledge that God has both ‘liberated’ us from the penalty of sin and given us, in his Spirit, the power to obey his will.”

3. Sharing Question: Share your feelings as you consider this quote. Do you really joyfully obey God? On a scale of 1-10, how joyful are you in your obedience? I find that when I focus on God’s grace and love for me, I then have the joy that I should have. How can you increase your focus on Him rather than yourself in a practical way?

Stronger Jeans (optional): Use a concordance, topical Bible, or NET Bible tools to find other New Testament references to judgment and write down what you learn.

4. Responding to God: If a day of judgment came today, what would God say to you, both positive and negative? What things would cause you to shrink back in shame today if Jesus’ returned? Ask God for the grace to obey His law, not out of an attempt to gain his favor, but out of the love you feel because He has freed you!


DA Wagners said...

I can compare obeying God to changing diapers. Changing diapers was such a chore with my first son. I wasn't used to the sacrifice it took. I disliked having to stop everything I was doing to take 10 minutes out of my busy schedule to do a task that needed to be done, which was not enjoyable. However, that all changed with my second son. Now I don't even mind dirty diapers; in fact, I can't even tell you how many I change a day. When my second son has a dirty diaper, I pick him up with a big smile. I lay him down and tickle is belly and toes. I wipe his little bottom while professing my love to him. I put the new diaper on him and stare into his beautiful brown eyes. I'm so blessed to be able to take care of him. Don't get me wrong. I love both my sons the same. The only difference is that my attitude has changed. I've learned to put my selfish wants behind the needs of my sons.

That's how it is with obeying God. Sometimes what He wants us to do is not fun, but if we are putting Him first, we will do His bidding with a joyful heart and not even notice the effort it takes. And it really does make life so much easier to put God first -- it saves so much time and energy not to have to grumble, pout and protest!

Anonymous said...

There are times when I do have joy when obeying, but sometimes, it is just to painful to obey. Sometimes, I'm successful and just obey without the joy and sometimes I just don't obey.

I really need work on this especially on recurring offenses done to me by certain people.

DA Wagners said...

I know what you mean, jjdsc. I have been hurt several times by the same people (I'm coming to realize everyone has this problem), and it is hard for me to joyfully do God's bidding for them. It's hard to love them as God would love them because there are so many hurt feelings involved. It's just hard, and all I can do is pray; there's no easy solution. I just have to realize that they are not hurting me; they are hurting God. He is my Father, and His heart breaks when His children hurt eachother. I am no better than anyone else. I've hurt people to.

learning every day said...

I love the honesty of the ladies in this Bible Study ! It encourages others to be involved.
I don't think anyone always... joyfully obeys Jesus. Sometimes I just obey, and I don't feel joyful. And of coarse we have all disobeyed, ugh.
There is only one way I know to increase the focus on Jesus, and that is to pray that He will help me to focus on Him. And of coarse to deliberately set aside time with Him. In my life there is no other way.

DA Wagners said...

Amen to that, learning every day!

Twisting His Arm said...

I am a BIG fan of routine. My day is completely scheduled and I normally don't become 'joyful' when I am forced off MY schedule. Unfortunately, God's plan for me sometimes doesn't fit into my routine and I have to make adjustments. I normally allow myself a few seconds for a pity party then obey joyfully or at least not complain. I don't think God expects us to be, initially, joyful at every request but he does expect us to adjust our hearts and become as joyful as possible.

Nicole said...

I always keep thinking and worrying "is there enough food, enough money..will I have enough" when I have to sit down and realize God will provide for needs of my family and I. I am now learning to sit down and obey God , listen to God,