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Week 5 - Day 2

Reread James 2:14-17.

1. What kind of faith does James describe here, faith that is alive or dead? How does he illustrate it?

2. Think about this illustration. How does it make James’ point about living faith?

In v. 14, James says, “Can this kind of faith save him?” The note in the NET Bible says this: “Grk ‘the faith’ referring to the kind of faith just described; faith without works. The article here is anaphoric, referring to the previous mention of the noun pistis in the verse.” It goes on to say that the way the Greek is written, the answer is expected to be “no”.

3. Dead faith cannot save; true faith is alive. Life is often used to describe salvation. Read Jesus’ words in these verses, and write down what He says about salvation and life. How do they relate to James?
a. John 3:3-7
b. John 3:16
c. John 4:14
d. John 5:24
e. John 6:51
f. John 10:27-30

Stronger Jeans (optional): Look up the meaning of the Greek word for faith and other cross-references in the New Testament. Write down your insights.

4. Sharing Question: Rom. 8:31-39 has a similar message to Jn. 10:27-30. Read it as an encouragement to your faith today. Share how the certainty of God’s love makes you feel.

5. Responding to God: Use Rom. 8:31-39 as a basis for your prayer, thanking God for His great salvation that begins at the point of belief and continues throughout eternity.


jjdsc said...

It gives me great comfort that we as Jesus' sheep cannot be snatched away.

Sohl Gal said...

Reading that nothing, nothing can remove me from God's love renews me. I'm so glad that He sees me for who He does, rather than who I oftne do. Thank you God for your grace, for your unyielding love.

Kara said...

Thank You God for the love and salvation you've given me! It gives me confidence to live a life through you!

Twisting His Arm said...

Knowing, for certain, that God loves me is a wonderful blessing. I feel sorry for those who are taught that God’s love is uncertain. This must cause immense anxiety and worry for them. I am glad there are Christian missionaries out there trying to spread the love of Jesus to other cultures living with this uncertainness.

DA Wagners said...

Without God's love, His purpose and His creation, life is meaningless. I remember when I was 14 years old; I used to wonder what life was all about. I couldn't understand why life even existed. I remember my 9th grade English teacher saying that there is only one thing you need in life. And I remember wanting to know it so badly (I didn't realize that she was a Christian doing some under the radar witnessing). I searched every where for understanding. Finally, I found Jesus, and I really felt complete and saved from darkness. I still feel that way over fifteen years later.