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Week 8 - Day 5

Read James 4:13-17.

1. Reread James 1:10-11. Compare James’ message in these two passages.

2. James is not saying that planning is wrong, but attitudes may be. What is wrong with the attitude of the person described?

3. What do you learn from Paul’s attitude in the following verses that relates to this passage in James?
a. Acts 18:21
b. Rom. 1:10
c. 1 Cor. 4:19
d. 1 Cor. 16:7

4. Sharing Question: Have you ever been guilty of leaving God out of your plans? If so, what happened? How did you feel?

Moo warns us against thinking that James is telling us to focus on using specific words when we talk about the future: “James attributes no magical significance to the words themselves. ‘If the Lord wills’ can become nothing more than a glib formula without any real meaning.”

5. What insights do you receive from Mt. 25:31-46 into James 4:17?

Stronger Jeans (optional): How does the story of the Good Samaritan relate to James 4:17? Find it with your concordance and read it. Write down your insights.

6. Sharing Question: What plans are you making for the future right now? How much time have you spent asking God for His will in the matter and searching His word for guidance? Is there anything you need to change in your attitude? Be transparent with your group and ask them for prayer about this area.

7. Responding to God: Draw a picture of you, your future, and God. Where do they all fit? Talk to God about where He is in the picture.


Twisting His Arm said...

I am guilty of leaving God out of a lot of plans, initially. I just don't think to ask him first! I go over pros and cons of a certain course of action then, after getting completely frustrated, ask God for help. I need to develop the habit of turning to God FIRST on everything! It will save a lot of time and worry.

Sohl Gal said...

We hadn't asked God where He wanted us to move, what He had planned for our future. We'd been making plans to move to a placed we'd chosen, a place we liked. Now God's grabbed ahold of us say, "HEY! Remember me? The One is charge here??" I'm submitting to His plans, even if they're not what I think I want. I didn't think I wanted to be here, and now the idea of leaving makes me worried.

Anonymous said...

Our plans right now are to live our lives for Christ. We are completely relying on God because we just have no control over some things.