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Commandment 2: Thou shalt not make for thyself an idol (9/18/07)

Memory Peg
bowing down as if to an idol

1. Biblical review question:
What character from the Bible broke this Commandment and what consequences did s/he face for this rebellion?

2. Self-reflective question:
How have you been personally affected by this Commandment?


ex animo said...

For a couple of years, I was in a habit of reading magazines such as People, OK, Star and watching E-Television. One day I was watching E-NEWS and it was interrupted with an IMPORTANT BREAKING STORY! On the edge of my seat, I found out that gum chewed by Britney Spears was auctioned off on e-bay for $100O. That was breaking news?!?! Someone must see Britney as an idol in order to fork over $1000 for chewed up gum! I realized I needed to limit my celebrity gossip intake before I bougt one of Brad Pitt's old cigarette butts. Now, I may read a magazine every few months and occasionally watch E-Television when I work out but that’s it.

I am a Bible newbie and the only Bible story I could think of was King Nebuchadnezzar because I saw the Veggie Tale version of the story with my nephew. I found the story in Daniel 3.

DA Wagners said...

I thought of Gideon. God has so much faith in him, and Gideon resisted God's calling several times. Finally when Gideon obeyed God, he was successful. But after all his success, he took some of the gold he won, melted it down, made it into an idol and brought it back to his hometown. This story saddens me because he accomplished great things and then the Bible leaves off with him worshipping an idol. How depressing! I always tell God, don't give me anything or allow success if I am unable to resist making it into an idol.