We are taking a break for the summer until futher notice.

Week 10 - Day 1

Read James 5:13-14.

1. What three life situations does James deal with here? What does James call the believer in each situation to do?

2. The word for suffering probably refers to a broad category which includes all different kinds of suffering. From our study of the entire book, what specific kinds of suffering do we know is happening among these first-century believers? Where in the book do you find that?

3. Compare these scriptures with vv. 13-14. Write down any insights that you receive from these verses:
a. 1 Thess. 5:17
b. Ps. 34:1
c. Eph. 5:19
d. Col. 3:16

Stronger Jeans (optional): Study other resources on prayer or find cross-references using the word pray, prayer, or even ask.

4. Sharing Question: What one thing makes prayer most difficult for you? It may be a matter of prioritizing time; it may be that you allow your children to distract you; possibly you, as I do, just like to stay in bed until it’s too late to have real time with God. How can you change this so that you love God with your time? What will you do this week to spend time in prayer each day, even if only 5 minutes of undistracted time?

5. Responding to God: Thank God that He loves you despite any prayerlessness in your life. Talk to Him about your need for His grace to help you become more disciplined in this essential area.


jjdsc said...

The most difficult thing about prayer for me is not having my mind wander. I have tried focusing during my entire prayer time and it's amazing the things that just pop in my mind that then lead to tangential thoughts.

Twisting His Arm said...

I would rather talk face to face with people rather than over the phone or through e-mail, especially with important stuff. With face to face communication there are verbal cues, body language, facial expressions, etc. For me, praying to God is sometimes like talking on the phone and other times like sending an e-mail and waiting for a response. It takes a lot more FAITH and I guess thats the point.

DA Wagners said...

Sometimes I feel like I'm forcing it. I pray to God like He's a far off, indifferent God vs. the loving Father he really is. I try to remind myself that it's like talking to my husband. Every conversation w/ my husband is not some breath-taking beautiful set of prose. Sometimes our conversation is filled w/ necessities. I keep trying to make my relationship w/ God this perfect stunning thing (which it is), but it's also a perfect Father loving His imperfect daughter. My relationship w/ God has its ups-and-downs with time constraints and mood swings like any relationship, but He's committed to me and I to Him no matter what! My point is that sometimes I can talk to Him all night and soak up everything He says, and other nights I'm stressed or tired or busy, and that's okay -- as long as it doesn't happen all the time.

Crissy, I love your comment about using faith to talk to God!

Sohl Gal said...

I find too many things to do to occupy my time, and I often rush through the time I spend in prayer. I just need to recognize that my relationship with God is the most important relationship I have, and He deserves more of me and of my time than anyone else.

Dr. Cynthia Faulkner said...

The most difficult part of praying for me is when it becomes "routine". Especially praying the Prayer of Jebez which has become rote. I have started praying more slowly and deliberately lately to let the Holy Spirit guide my prayers. It is amazing what God can lay on my heart when I let Him.