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Week 10 - Day 5

This is your final day of study; we have completed James. Congratulations on finishing the entire study! If you have had family, work, or health situations that have forced you to skip some questions, go back and finish them over the next few weeks, reviewing as you go.

Today we are going to have another look at what God has done in your life through this study. Be prepared to share your answers with your blog group. We do this to give God the glory for all that He has done in our lives through His word and the community of believers in your blog group.

1. Sharing Question: Scan the book of James and write down the one topic that was most meaningful to you. Why was it so meaningful?

2. Sharing Question: James said that God’s word is a mirror and we need to take note of what we see and do something about it. What is one thing that you have seen about yourself and what have you done about it?

3. Sharing Question: James began his letter dealing with trials of all kinds. What trial have you dealt with through this study and how has God used it in your life?

4. Sharing Question: What one person has God laid on your heart to pray for? What can you pray that keeps in mind that God’s priority is the kingdom in our lives and in the world at large?

5. Responding to God: Spend all of your prayer time in praise to God for the things that you just wrote in answer to the previous questions. Write a prayer or poem below about His greatness and His love.

Thank you for your commitment to God and for your faithfulness to study His word. Continue spending daily time with God. Being in God’s word day by day gives Him that opportunity to speak to you personally. The time you give Him is the best gift you give your friends, co-workers, husband, and children. Your life affects their lives; your spiritual growth impacts them. May He richly bless you as you passionately pursue Him!


Twisting His Arm said...

I really liked all of James but this last week was my favorite. I also really liked the personal stories provided. One thing I have noticed about myself, through this study, is I have lots of passion for God but I am rather weak in wisdom. In this study, I learned you have to have both passion and wisdom. I am working on the wisdom part. I am currently reading 'When Godly People Do Ungodly Things' by Beth Moore. Excellent book! The trial I am dealing with is living away from my family. I feel God is giving me this space in order to draw all my attention to Him. I have grown closer to Him more in the past few months than any other time of my life! The person God has laid on my heart to pray for is my niece. She is so far away from God right now but I know HE can lead her back to Him.

I feel so awesome having finished this study! I feel closer to God and that I have gained needed wisdom. I am ready for more!!!

Sohl Gal said...

I'm too scared of picking favorites. I like the non-judging section, the wisdom section, and this weeks as well. I am still working on coming before God and being still in His presence. Making a list of prayers and writing down anything that comes into my head is my goal, and I know He loves me to watch me get there.

Anonymous said...

First, I just want to thank the Lord for His faithfulness. Every week of the study, He had something for me specific to my present circumstance. I was so amazed sometimes because it's like He's saying to me, "this is what I want you to learn," or "this is how you will deal with this situation." Sometimes I did the right thing and unfortunately, sometimes, my flesh ruled. I honestly can say though that I'm still persevering even throughout these fiery trials. I give God praise and glory for helping me finish this study and because in the end, the victory is ours.