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Week 9 - Day 2

Reread James 5:1-6. In our study yesterday we focused on the fact that God will judge the rich unbeliever. Today we are going to look more specifically at their sins.

1. What were these rich landowners doing wrong? It is not the fact of their wealth but their attitudes and the use of their riches that he condemns. What specifics does James give?

2. How do these verses relate to the sins James attributes to these rich people?

Although James addresses the unbelieving rich here, we can commit similar sins. Those of us who live in the U.S. are very guilty of having materialistic mindsets and of thinking that the things we hoard and on which we selfishly spend money are “needs”. Moo says, “In the western world, where amassing material wealth is not only condoned but admired, we Christians need to come to grips with this point in James and ask ourselves seriously: When do we have too much?”

3. What is Jesus’ message to His followers in Mt. 6:19-21 about material things?

4. Sharing Question: What are you hoarding on earth? What are you amassing for yourself—clothing, stocks, savings, jewelry, beautiful things, etc.? What is your motive—fear, envy, security, selfishness? How is this in opposition to Jesus’ words in Mt. 6:25-34? What do you need to do about it—maybe give something away?

We know that God’s names are indicative of certain characteristics of His person. In 5:4 James uses the name Lord Sabaoth or Lord of hosts.

5. Psalm 80 has a number of references to the Lord of hosts. The NET Bible translates the term as “invincible warrior”. Look at Ps. 80:1, 4, 7, 14, 19. What characteristics of God seem prominent? How would they apply to the context of James 5:4?

Stronger Jeans (optional): Read in your Bible resources about the Lord of hosts, or find cross-references that use that name. Write down your insights.

6. Responding to God: Consider one area of your life where you need to turn to God as your Lord of hosts. Write a prayer or poem expressing your feelings toward Him as Lord of hosts.


Twisting His Arm said...

There is a lot more material wealth in the U.S. compared to other poverty stricken countries. I know we live like Kings compared to most. I will pay more attention to my spending and ask myself if I really NEED something before I buy it.

Sohl Gal said...

Every time I think about spending money, I feel that internal battle. Do I need this? But I WANT it. I deserve it. NO, you don't.

It reminds me of Pastor Bil's advice that God wants us to be responsible with what He's already given us. When we show we'll use it for Him and His purposes He'll give us more. I have to remember that.

Twisting His Arm said...

Man... I liked your comment Sohl Gal!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm now at a point of decreasing things in our lives for us adults. We stopped buying things for ourselves and really have gotten rid of a lot of things. However, buying toys or crafts or even educational things for our kids is another story. I guess that's the next lesson to learn.