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(09-30-07) Welcome to Web Bible Babes!

Welcome to Web Bible Babes! I am so happy that you are joining us! The Web Bible Babes have been online for several months and we have completed three outstanding Bible studies! You are joining us at the perfect time because all the major kinks have been ironed out. We still want to become as user-friendly as possible therefore any helpful suggestions are much appreciated. I want to provide you with some administrative details before we start this wonderful journey together.

Web Bible Babes normally runs Monday through Friday until a study is finished. Bible studies can range from 1 week to 10 weeks, depending on the Bible study. We normally finish a study on a Friday and start a new one that following Monday. However, we do take breaks for holidays! All the Bible studies we discuss are found free on the Internet. I copy the information and post them on the Web Bible Babes blog site in a 5-day format. This allows us to study the Word together and post comments after every reading! I also provide information regarding the host website so you can check it out for yourself.

With each Bible study, I look through the content and research the author to make sure the material agrees with what is taught at Bay Area Fellowship as much as possible. But remember, the opinions presented in the Bible studies are not necessarily the opinions of Bay Area Fellowships. We are also open to presenting a Bible study written by YOU! We actually have a Web Bible Babe Sister currently writing a Bible study to be presented on the Web Bible Babes blog site in the near future. Very COOL!

After each day's study, you can post a comment and and read comments posted by your fellow Web Bible Babe Sister. We learn just as much reading each others' comments as we do from the actual Bible study. You can comment every day, a couple times a week, once a week, or whenever you feel lead. It is up to you! The more comments, the merrier! You can answer questions from the Bible study readings, make an overall comment, or just say what is on your mind! Comment however you feel most comfortable! Some Web Bible Babe Sisters read the entire week's study in one sitting while others complete them daily. Remember if you miss a few days, you can always catch up. If you are not interested in doing a particular Bible study that is fine. Hopefully the next study may peak your interest. All suggestions regarding Bible study topics are welcomed! Also, I provide links for all scripture used in the Bible study readings. I will normally use or Bible for scripture resources.

I know sharing through the Internet is nowhere near the quality of sharing face-to-face therefore I suggest you also take part in the other Bible studies offered by the Bay Area Fellowship Discipleship Team. We have been throwing around the idea of meeting at the end of each Bible study for some good old fashion face-to-face fellowship but haven't made a decision. Let me know what you think! Also, you do not have to be a member of Bay Area Fellowship to be a Web Bible Babes Sister. Everyone is welcomed so invite your friends!!!

Finally, you will receive a brief e-mail once a week reminding you of the current Web Bible Babe Bible study. If you do not want to receive this reminder e-mails, please let me know.

Let me tell you again how happy we are to have you on board! Remember this site was made for YOU so let us know what we can do differently to accommodates your needs!!!!

You are officially now a Web Bible Babe Sister! Even though the Bible study readings are quick, it can still be a time sacrifice in our busy schedules. I want to inform you that the sacrifice and commitment is so WORTH IT! I feel like I have spiritually grown more in the past several months from doing these Bible studies than ever before! Just because the Bible readings are quick, doesn't mean they aren't profound. After doing a Bible study reading, I will find myself processing the information throughout the day and God continuing to teach me throughout the day. It's amazing!

Join us tomorrow as we study 40 Great Prayers of the Bible hosted by Atlanta Road.

God Bless!

:-) Christina

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