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(Monday, 10-29-07) Prayer 21 - David's Prayer of Praise

Read first:
1 Chronicles 17:16-27

This prayer returns us to David and his desire to build a house wherein God would dwell. But, it was not God’s desire for David to build such a house. That would be reserved for Solomon.

However, it was God’s opportunity to speak to what He would build for David – a “house” promised through his descendants who would sit on the throne and rule forever.

The passage in 1 Chronicles is another record of the one found in 2 Samuel 18:7. We include it here not only because it is a great prayer but just as the Bible itself emphasizes it by repetition, so we should not neglect a second look.

What Can We Learn?

1. Praise begins with the humility of the one doing the praising.
2. Praise of God focuses on God’s power, knowledge, wisdom, will, etc.
3. Praise of God acknowledges that there is none like Him.
4. Praise of God rehearses His great deeds of the past, connects them with present care and promises, and extends them to the future when total fulfillment is expected.
5. Praise magnifies and honors God.
6. Praise acknowledges God as God.

Questions to Ponder
1. Why do you think this passage is among those recorded in two places among the historical books of the Old Testament?
2. What do you think is the answer to David’s question in 1 Chronicles 17:16?
3. In what way(s) is the establishing of David’s house forever a work of God?
4. How many different expressions of praise can you find in this passage?
5. What is it about praise that makes it so important as an expression of a person’s faith?

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