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(Tuesday, 11/27/07) Prayer 40 - Prayers of Worship in Heaven

Read First:
Rev. 11, 15, 16

Hear It! Rev 11
Hear It! Rev 15
Hear It! Rev 16

The Book of Revelation (some - times known as The Revelation of Jesus Christ), is one of the most interesting in the entire Bible. Much of it is written in a style called “apocalyptic” language. It is a picture language, meaning that the descriptions and events are figurative in nature, and as such, very difficult to understand. Most Bible scholars believe the language of the book comes right out of the Old Testament prophets.

It is not our intention here to exegete the book. Suffice it to say that it is a book of victory. The message is: Satan loses, and the Lord and His people win. The prayers in heaven reflect the power, might, glory of God.

What Can We Learn?
1. Rev 11
(a) The kingdom of the world is seen being transformed or transferred to the Lord, and is permanent
(b) The elders give thanks because of the exercise of God’s power in his beginning to reign
(c) It is as if heaven recognizes and understands the work of God in the affairs of men

2. Rev 15
(a) Read Ex. 15:1-18 to understand the reference to the song of Moses
(b) The victorious ones celebrate the conquering power of God
(c) Note the emphasis on the great and marvelous works, the righteous and true ways, and the unique holiness of God
(d) All this is possible because His righteous acts (or judgments) have been revealed

3. Rev 16
(a) This is a prayer acknowledging the enemies of God’s saints and prophets, and the fact that God had given them in turn what they imposed on God’s people
(b) The voices from the altar praise God for avenging them

Questions to Ponder
1. How important is it to you that God is seen as the sovereign ruler of the universe? What practical implications does this have on your life?
2. Describe the confidence reflected in the prayers.
3. In what ways have the works, the righteousness, the ways and the holiness of God worked to your benefit?
4. How do these prayers reflect the overall message of the Book of Revelation?
5. Why is there great emphasis placed on the fact that the righteousness of God has been “revealed?”

This completes The 40 Great Prayers of the Bible series!!!

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