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(Tuesday, 12/04/07) Parable 5 of the Parabolic Sayings - The Blind Leading the Blind

Luke 6:39

Hear It! Luke 6

The Setting
After his discussion about Pharisaical Judaism being replaced by Christianity, Jesus demonstrates that the old system is over by picking grain on the Sabbath (Luk 6:1-5) and by healing on the Sabbath (Luk 6:6-11). He then gives the sermon on the mount (In Luke I believe the plain is a level place on the mountain) in which he teaches the ethic of love by contrasting the correct practice of love (i.e. the law) with those who do not love (i.e. the Pharisees). His teaching is rejection of the pharisaical legalistic system that Judaism had degenerated into and a rejection of the Pharisees themselves

We are also contextually in the midst of the third call of the disciples mentioned earlier. After calling the disciples in 12-19, he teaches the disciples how to love and to lead in verses 20-38. Then he gives another parabolic saying in 39-40.

The Problem
What is the danger of following the leadership and ritualism of the Pharisees?
If the disciples remain “blind,” they will not be able to lead either.

The Central Truth
The religious leaders had so perverted the law and Judaism that they couldn’t even recognize the fulfillment of the law and Judaism when He came. The Pharisees thought that the mere study of the law would lead to eternal life. But studying the law was the means to the end - knowing Jesus. The danger is this: if they don’t know what God is doing, where are they going to lead you? If you follow them, you will follow them to destruction.


Latoya said...

The danger in following the Pharisees is missing God. The purpose of studying God's word is to get closer to Him, to know Him intimately, and ultimately to know who you are. Not to earn your way into heaven. Yet we have to be careful that we don't disregard the law either. Incorporating the fact that God loves us, is love, and wants us to love each other (without preference) should be the basis by which we live, and the law helps us do so. I admit I struggle with this. I struggle to love everyone. By that I mean, I still catch myself joining in with the crowd and talking about others knowing there is a log in my own eye. In verse 43 it says, "A good tree can not produce bad fruit."
Heavenly Father, Which art in Heaven, hollow be thy name...Lord, I pray that each and every day, you transform me into that good tree. May my desire be to produce good fruit to be a blessing unto others by demonstrating you love. In Jesus name, Amen.

Twisting his arm said...

Today's study makes me aware how important it is for me not to be 'blind' to God's truth. I could potentially and unknowingly lead others to destruction if I neglect studying God's word.

Anonymous said...

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