We are taking a break for the summer until futher notice.

Welcome to the last 2 Prayers (39 & 40) of the 40 Great Prayers of the Bible series & the beginning of The Parable series!

We are finishing up the last 2 prayers (39 & 40) of the 40 Great Prayers of the Bible series on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday we will be reading the introduction to the new series called The Parables by Hampton Keathley IV Th.M. and hosted by We will only read the introduction of The Parables series on Wednesday and start Parable 1 on Thursday because the introduction is super long. The Parables are catergorized into 3 groups:
(1) Parabolic Sayings - these are the one-liners found in Luke 4-7
(2)Similitudes (The Parables of Matthew 13) - “The kingdom of heaven is like...” (These are all in Matt 13)
(3) Full Parables - a story told to make a point.

On Thursday we will start with the (1) Parabolic Sayings.

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