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(Tuesday, 12/11/07) Parable 10- Children in the Marketplace & the Conclusion of the Parabolic Sayings

Children in the Marketplace

Luke 7:31-32

Hear It! Luke 7

Also in Matt 11:16.

The Setting
The role of John the Baptist, the response of the outcasts and common people (vs. 29), and the rejection of John by the Pharisees (vs. 30).

The Problem
Why didn’t Israel respond to the ministry of John the Baptist and accept Jesus as Messiah?

The Central Truth
The Jews were unwilling to repent over John’s message or rejoice over Christ and accept Him as Messiah. They did not fear the judgment proclaimed by John, nor accept the gracious invitation of Jesus. John came playing the funeral dirge and Jesus came to throw a party. John was thumping his Bible and Jesus was saying “let’s go to lunch.” John preached judgment and Jesus proclaimed Joy. The religious leaders responded to neither. They said John was crazy and Jesus was a glutton and a drunkard. They rejected both of God’s approaches.

Conclusion: Parabolic Sayings

The Parables and their meanings:
1) Meaning of Physician Heal Thyself- They raise the issue of the identity of the Messiah. He is here!
2) Fasting and the Bridegroom & New Patch on Old Garment- They show the rejection of Judaism as a workable system. The Kingdom is here!
3) New Wine in Old Wineskin & Blind Leading the Blind- The problem was insufficient leadership
4) A Pupil is not above his Teacher- A Challenge to the new leadership
5) Good and Bad Fruit and Trees- The reality of righteousness will show up in the character or obedience of the person.
6) Wise and Foolish Builders, Children in the Marketplace & The Two Debtors- These contrast Pharisaical self-righteousness with genuine repentant faith.

- Recognize that Jesus is the Messiah
- Don’t be tied to the old legalistic system. We have a new way of life based on forgiveness and grace.
- Choose whom you will follow carefully by examining their fruit.
- Examine yourself more diligently and grow so you can lead others.
- Be a doer of the word (build your house on the rock) not just a hearer.
- Beware of self-righteousness and the attitude that “I’m not so bad.” Recognize your forgiveness.

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