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Welcome to Week 7 of The Parables by Hamptom Keathley IV Th.M. - Full Parables


3 types of Parables:

(1) Parabolic Sayings - these are the one-liners found in Luke 4-7

(2) Similitudes - “The kingdom of heaven is like...” (These are all in Matt 13)

(3) Full Parables - a story told to make a point.

This week we continue with (3) Full Parables.

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Canadian Bird said...

Hey Crissy,

When do you start a new series? This one seems like a long one! :) I'd like to get back into it soon. I'm going to be doing Daphne's "Discerning the Voice of God" soon, but I'd still like to join you in one of yours, or right afterwards. Let me know when/what your next one will be... when you know! :)
Hope you're doing well! Miss ya!