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(Monday 02/18/08) Woman of Excellence- Introduction

Proverbs 31:10-31
We can respond to these verses in several different ways:
*Challenged to dig deeper,
*Overwhelmed with a sense of never being able to measure up, or
*Reluctant to read them at all

It is difficult to understand how verses that appear so out-of-date could possibly offer any help in light of the increasingly complex problems we as women face today. God's Word never grows old or stale, though. So, let's accept the challenge to dig deeper.

As we begin this passage, the writer asks a pertinent question (one which men are still asking today): Who can find a woman of excellence -- one of high noble character? (verse 10). There is almost a sense of frustration in the question. It's as if he is pacing back and forth, scratching his head, pondering, muttering things under his breath like:
*Where do you look?
*Aren't they in the usual places?
*What is she like?
*How would I know one if I saw one?
*There must not be very many around if you can't find them!
*She must be pretty picky about the men she hangs out with.
*If there aren't very many out there, but there are lot of guys looking, how do I stand a chance of attracting her?

The writer goes on to say that this special woman is worth far more than rubies or pearls. It is an accepted fact that the value of anything is determined by its uniqueness and its rarity. But we must go one step further because what you may consider valuable may not be valuable to me. Instead, something is valuable because I have made the determination in my mind that it is of high value to me, and in response my feelings rubber stamp that decision. In the Old Testament time, rubies (or pink pearls) were a highly prized possession. The writer is saying that a woman of noble character is more valuable, more highly prized than all those precious gems one could possess. I don't know about you, but that is the class of woman I want to be. So how do we get there? Where do we even start?

Throughout this series, we will study seven qualities that characterize the life-time achievements of this "Proverbs 31" woman and share practical truths that will encourage us to become a "woman of excellence"! These characteristics are:

During the Bible study series, find a place to sit down -- one that is quiet and with limited distractions. Let's ask the Holy Spirit to open our hearts and minds as we open God's Word and discover truths about this "special woman."

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