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Special Gift

The Little Girl Inside

Woman - a treasured gift so sweet,
From God's own loving heart.
A Gift that makes His world complete,
And lovely in each part.

And one of His most precious gifts,
Is, yes, the gift of YOU!
A gift He gave to all the world,
Not just for one or two.

It matters not how old you grow,
How dignified your life,
Unless the Father's love you show,
Along His chosen path.

Don't ever lose that special spark,
Don't keep it hid inside.
That awesome glow that says to all,
It was for you He died.

It is that glow that helps the world,
To see the Father's love.
The glow that comes from deep inside,
Yet also from above.

Life's journey can be dull and dry,
Without your Father's touch.
And how it helps each time you cry,
To know He cares so much!

So be a woman of excellence!
And lift your head up high.
And rest in Him, your confidence,
Though tears may cloud your eyes.

He loves you as His daughter,
And He has called you friend.
He loves you with an awesome love,
A love that has no end!

You see, He longs for fellowship,
Not stuffy grown-up pride.
Not patterned prayers that cross your lips.
No, that's not why He died.

His heart's desire for women is that,
They walk close by His side.
And through life's many ups and downs,
Safe in His love abide.

He longs to give you treasured gifts,
And in your life reside.
To walk and talk and laugh and sing,
With the little girl inside!

© Whit Gillon -- May 1994
Revised -- November 9, 1997
Tweaked -- July 10, 1999
All Rights Reserved

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