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(Friday 3/014/08) The Daughters of Zelophehad / Two Mothers of Solomon's Time - Day 5

1. Read 1 Kings 3:23-28, and describe the wisdom of Solomon.

2. Did his radical command to cut the baby in two work?

3. Would you agree that God had indeed granted King Solomon the gift of wisdom? (v.28)

4. Describe the two women in this story.

5. From this story, what can we learn about status and God's justice? (key verses: 1 Kings 3:16, 28)

6. What measure of boldness would be required to address the king of a nation, knowing that you were the lowest member of society?

7. Examine the following Scriptures to see the beauty of the lowly who are lifted up.
1 Samuel 2:6-9:
Job 5:8-16:


1. God is the one who gives true wisdom. Where do you go to search for wisdom?

2. God knows the truth in every situation. He is the source of all truth and wisdom. Do you seek to know truth and wisdom by searching Scripture for the answers to your questions?

3. All lies are exposed sooner or later. What lie, big or small, might be exposed in your life today? Can you confess it before it grows and becomes even worse?


This week we explored the lives of some little known women in Scripture. The great God of the universe chose to include their stories in His Word in order for us to learn and mature in spiritual wisdom. After studying the five daughters of Zelophehad, we learned that God does indeed listen to women. He had planned a prosperous future for these female descendants of Manasseh. These women recognized that the heritage of their family was dependent on them. God gave them the boldness to stand together in the court of the temple to plead their case. Joy comes in seeing that Moses listened to them, leaned not on his own understanding, and went directly to God, who answered him on behalf of these daughters. Inheritance and blessing came to their descendants because they had the courage to boldly ask God, through Moses, and their request was granted. From their courage came the blessing of inheritance of land, and the evidence of God's faithfulness to them.

We also read about the two harlots who came to Solomon's court. The first woman was telling the truth. She was eager to have the case resolved in the hearing of the mighty King Solomon. The scene must have been quite incredible for this woman of low status. God's hand moved through Solomon's wisdom to bless her boldness. God knew that the true mother would not allow even a hair on her baby's head to be touched, much less allow him to be killed by the sword. The other woman however, rather than grieving over her child, committed more sin by stealing the healthy baby and then lying about it. She was exposed through the divine wisdom of Solomon. The story ends with the true mother being reunited with her precious child, while the other woman was exposed for the stealing, lying, and hateful person that she was.

What a powerful lesson we can learn from these two stories. May the wisdom of God through the Holy Spirit keep your heart truthful, honest, and lovely, so that the world may know you are a child of the KING of KINGS and LORD of LORDS.


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