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(Friday 3/07/08) The Midwives (Shiphrah & Puah) / Jochebed - Day 5

1. Look up the name Jochebed in a Strong's Concordance. What does it mean?

2. Jochebed learned a lesson in faith through her experience. She and her husband demonstrated faith by their actions. Who were their other two children? (Num. 26:59)

3. From Exodus 15:20-21, what do we learn about Miriam, Moses' sister?

4. What is stated about Aaron in the following verses?

a. Exodus 28:1

b. Exodus 30:30

c. Exodus 32:1-4, 19-26

For Further Study

1. As we conclude this study of Jochebed and her family, explain what you have learned from her boldness. Was this quality evident in the lives of her children? (Ex. 4:30; 7:1-2, 19; 15:20-21)

2. According to Exodus 19:6, who did God want to be His priests? How does this relate to 1 Peter 2:9?


2. In the family of God, all the members are precious and useful. Who do you know in the body of Christ who is looking for a purpose? What can you do to encourage that person in finding their God-given purpose and realizing their usefulness to the Lord?

2. God's forgiveness toward His children is complete. Have you sought to forgive someone who has hurt you? Pray to the Lord about your responsibility to forgive. Then choose to actively forgive as Jesus Christ has forgiven you. (1 John 1:9; Eph. 4:32)


In our first lesson about the Blessedness of Boldness, we looked at three extraordinary women from the Old Testament. When confronted with extreme circumstances, each of these women chose to take the path of faith and trust God for the outcome. For the midwives, God in His mercy caused Pharaoh to believe their story and not punish them. These women were allowed to live, and their homes were established. They continued their lives with the blessing of God.

Moses' mother, Jochebed, was also given the opportunity to trust God in the surrender of her "beautiful" son. After she let go of the basket, God returned her son and gave her the blessing of caring for him for approximately two years. God allowed her to nurture Moses, and she even received monetary reward for this service. Jochebed was a woman who demonstrated her faith by surrendering her son to God. She received the blessing of being part of God's perfect plan.

These three women were used by God to further the nation of Israel and the Hebrew people. We see the Blessedness of Boldness in these ordinary women who walked by faith in the fear of God. May we be encouraged to move out of our comfort zone in boldness to be used by God for the furthering of His kingdom!

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