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(Friday 04/11/08) Esther - Day 5

1. Read Esther 7:1-4. What was Esther's petition to the king?

2. In Esther 7:5-7, what question did the king ask and how did Esther reply?

3. What happened to evil Haman? (vv.8-10)

4. Read chapter 8, and describe the events that occurred after Haman's demise.

5. From Esther 9:1-17, describe the mighty work of God for the Jews.

6. Explain the celebration of Purim from Esther 9:18-28. Who initiated this festival?

7. According to Esther 9:29-32 and 10:1-3, who documented all these events?


1. God uses people of boldness and courage in His plans. When called to act in boldness, how will you respond?

2. Terror will come on those who are deceptive toward God and His people. Those who are in Christ need not fear. Who holds your future--Christ or the world?

3. God is the one who brings judgment; His timing is perfect. Those who are in the world need to be aware of the judgment to come. Who do you know that needs you to pray for them and boldly share the message of salvation with them?

4. God has power to exalt the humble to high places. Do you know someone who has been given a position of authority and is being used of God to display godly character in their sphere of influence? Will you remember to pray for them?

5. Historical records document these biblical events. What do you want history to record of your life?


The book of Esther profoundly displays the providence of God. We see divine influence in the actions, motives, and deeds of men in these intriguing chapters. Although the name of God is not mentioned in this book, we see His divine plan worked out in the thoughts and actions of Mordecai and Esther. Esther, an orphan who became a queen, was used to bring about the salvation of the nation of Israel.

In the book of Esther we see parallels to Joseph, who was sold into slavery in Egypt. He too was elevated to a high position in order to save the people of Israel. Esther was willing to give her life for her people. In doing so, she was honored and is remembered by her people even to this day in the festival of Purim.

We can all be encouraged by Esther's boldness. God used her to bring about the salvation of His people. She was willing to pray and fast, then move out of her royal comfort zone in obedience to God. May God strengthen us to boldly and willingly step out in obedience for the sake of even just one who needs to know the plan of salvation in Jesus Christ! Help us Lord to be bold and courageous like Esther in our walk each day.

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Elizabeth said...

No matter how sad her background was, God exalted His humble servant Esther to save many. His plan was intricate and thoughtful towards Esther.