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(Monday 04/07/08) Esther - Day 1 & Introduction



The book of Esther contains one of the most fascinating stories of the Old Testament. Esther's Hebrew name was Hadassah, which means myrtle. The name Esther is most likely derived from a Persian word for star. In chapter one, Esther, the main character, is introduced as an orphan Jewess who was adopted by her cousin Mordecai. The Jews of her day were in exile in the Persian Empire. This book is dated approximately 460 B.C. and is set in Susa, the capital city of the empire, where King Xerxes resided with his queen, Vashti. It is a book filled with pageantry, majestic splendor, deception, and edicts of genocide.

As you study this week, ask the Lord to give you wisdom and understanding, so that you may be bold in your home to honor the Father as Esther did "for such a time as this." (Es. 4:14)


1. Read Esther 1:1-8. How large was the kingdom that Xerxes ruled?

2. Describe the splendor of the king and the length of the two banquets he gave.

3. List the participants in these huge banquets.

4. In Esther 1:9 who else gave a banquet and who was it for?

5. According to Esther 1:10-12, why did King Xerxes become angry?

6. Read Esther 1:13-22. Explain in your own words what transpired in the palace because of Vashti's refusal to come when the king called.

7. As a Christian woman today, how are you to treat your husband according to 1 Peter 3:1-7? How can your actions honor God and be a positive testimony to those around you?

Queen Vashti was a beautiful woman and well loved by the king. His command to come wasn't something for her to take lightly. However, Vashti was also hosting her own banquet and by most accounts was either very pregnant (with Artaxerxes - c.484/483 B.C.) or had just given birth. This information helps make sense of why she may have refused to attend. She did have to pay the price for disobeying the king's command. However, it is believed she came back on the scene later during her son's reign and was reinstated as the queen mother.

8. Read Esther 2:1-18, and explain in detail what took place after Vashti was deposed.


1. The city man builds is beautiful to the human eye, but the city God builds is resplendent and eternal. Which city do you have your eyes set on?

2. The banquet of the king was a major event in the kingdom, but the banquet of God is the EVENT of all time, and Jesus is the host! Do you look forward to God's banquet in eternity? Are you feasting on the Word of God right now as your nourishment and strength for the day?

3. Refusing to obey the king's command cost Vashti her crown. How often do you refuse to obey Christ's command to love and serve others?

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