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(Wednesday 04/09/08) Esther - Day 3

1. In Esther 4:1-3, how did Mordecai react to the king's edict?

2. What did Esther do when she heard about Mordecai's actions? (vv.4-5) What did Hathach find out from Mordecai? (vv.6-8)

3. What was Esther's dilemma? (vv.9-11)

4. What did Mordecai say in response to Esther's message? (vv.12-14)

5. How did Esther reply in verses 15-16? What did Mordecai do in verse 17?


1. God's people often suffer greatly in this life. How have you suffered for the cause of Christ?

2. Prayer and fasting are great weapons in God's arsenal for spiritual warfare. When have you taken seriously the idea of prayer and fasting for a specific person or problem?

3. Remaining silent in a time of need can be very costly. Is God calling you to speak the truth in love in a particular circumstance this week?

4. Trusting God in difficult circumstances comes from faith. How can you trust God today in a difficult circumstance?

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