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Week 1, Day 3

Read Genesis 13:14-18 and 15:1-21

1. In Genesis 13:14-18, what did the Lord say to Abram?
2. What was Abram's response in Genesis 15:2-4?
3. What was God's answer in 15:5?
4. What does Genesis 15:6 say about Abram?
5. What do we learn from 15:18?
6. How do you suppose Sarai fit into this covenant from the Lord?
7. Do you think Abram shared all these things with Sarai?

We already know that Abram and Sarai were considerably older when the Lord made this covenant with them. Time had passed since they traveled from Haran to Egypt and back to Canaan. If Sarai was 65 years old when they journeyed from Haran, she would have been much older at this point. Life expectancy at that time was approximately 120 years. Sarai had already exceeded the half way point and was in her senior years of life. Clearly her childbearing years were well past.

1. In your daily walk how might you be experiencing the Lord's protection? Be specific.
2. Have you pondered lately the great promise of your inheritance in heaven?
3. With whom have you recently shared about God's promises and blessings?


Anonymous said...

Note: I am working ahead because I will be traveling.
Every day, Sam (my hubby) and I pray the prayer of Jabez that asks God to expand out territory. We have seen so many blessings because we put His will before our own. One way that God has expanded our territory is by giving us healthy and wonderful grandchildren. We are blessed because we are fairly young grandparents and stay active. For me, one of the inheritances of heaven is knowing that our grandchildren will be raised in Godly homes.

Christina Ketchum said...
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Christina Ketchum said...

Thanks mom for the post above. You are such a wonderful Grandma!

To answer the question "when do you experience the Lord's protection" I would have to say I try to experience His protection all the time. This has been an issue with me lately because I am a new mom. Taking care of a baby makes FEARS all that more great. I worry myself ragged thinking about the ways my son could get hurt in this evil world. And when I hear something horrible on the news, I can't stop worrying for days. I took some advice from my mom and now pray every night for protection for me and my loved ones. This nightly ritual has helped reduce my fear immensely. I have to keep reminding myself that I am not in Control; God is.

The Ocker Family said...

This week I became keenly aware of our Lord’s protection. A few nights ago I had a dream my youngest son (20 months old) fell into the Gulf and was drowning. In the dream I gave him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation while he looked into my eyes with immense fear that begged me to save him. I awoke before he began to breathe again (I believe the dream was too awful to continue). That dream shook me to the core! I wept for an hour over the thought of my children drowning. Yesterday, I signed up my 3 year old (and some of his buddies) for swimming lessons. Normally, I don’t have the time necessary to make the phone calls, stand in line etc for things like this, but I was stuck at home for 4 hours w/out kids. I believe God gave me the dream and the extra time in my day to protect our children, because our home is located on the water and my husband and I were getting complacent about their safety in the backyard.

Barbara said...

Abrams faith in God and that he will do what he promises is just so mindblowing to me. He knew there was no reasonable, explainable way Sarai would conceive at that age. But Abrams still trusted God and believed him. I don't know if I could. What a great man of God.

DA Wagners said...

I put myself in difficult situations in the past and have made bad decisions, but God provided protection even when I wasn't thinking. This reminds me of the reading we had earlier when the three angels went to Lot's house before God destroyed the city: "When he hestated, the men grasped his hand and the hands of his wife and of his two daughters and led them safely out of the city, for the Lord was merciful to them" Gen. 19:16. Even when I hesitate, God will "grasp" me and my family and rescue us. There is nothing I can do wrong to shed God's protection. He will always compensate for my lack of faith, stupid decisions, disobedience, worry, etc.

DA Wagners said...

Oops, typo. "Hestated" should be "hesitated."

Barbara said...
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Anonymous said...

Ya, I am with Chrsitina on this one. I did not fear as much as I do now ever in my whole life. I fear so much for my little girl. I do need to shake those thoughts that Satan is trying to make me believe and know that God is my protection. Also, I have made the decision right now to let it go about my husband leaving for 6 months. I have God and all these beautiful Christian women in my life. God put them here in my life for me and I am so gratful for that. It is my answered prayer.

jlsohl said...

God's protection most immediately came to mind in our finances. We made a larger than normal donation last month, and then we totally blew our budget (not intentionally related). But, God provided what we needed and then some.

I feel he uses my daughter to calm me down when I get upset with my son. He upsets me, she starts crying, and I have to step away from him to attend to her. It allows me a calm, peaceful break and helps me focus on what I really need to reinforce with him.