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Week 1, Day 2

Read Genesis 12:10-20.

1.What did Abram tell his wife Sarai to do while in Egypt, and why?
2. How do you suppose Sarai felt about this lie?
3. What happened to Sarai while in Egypt? (vv.15-20)
4. How did God protect Sarai from sin with the Pharaoh?

From the records of the historian, Josephus, it is believed Sarai admitted to her royal admirer (the Pharaoh) that she was indeed Abram's wife. The scene was set. The Pharaoh was convinced by the plagues that it was this deception that had brought him harm. In this way, God protected Sarai and sent Abram, Sarai, and their caravan family on the move again back to Canaan, the land of promise.

1. The lie of Abram was not beneficial to his wife. Like Sarai, have you ever been compromised in your position as a woman? (Col. 3:9, Prov. 14:5)
2. God gave Sarai courage and protection while in Pharaoh's household. How is God helping you in your present difficulty? (Acts 28:15, Psa. 118:6; Heb. 13:6)
3. Sarai must have felt abandoned by Abram during this trial. What do you do when others sell you out to something or someone else? (Psa. 102:1-17)
4. God protected Sarai by casting plagues on Pharaoh's household. How have you been protected by God in your present circumstances?
5. In spite of all the sin in this story, God still kept His promise to Abram. God is true to His Word even when we are not true to Him! How can that help you today? (Trust: Psa. 37:3-5, 40:3, 62:8, 115:9-11; Prov. 3:5-6; Isa. 26:4)


Anonymous said...

While this passage is a good illustration of how women can be exploited by men and God's punishment of the sin...I struggle to come up with an equally strong illustration in my life. I guess what impresses me the most is how blessed we are as women today to have less social discrimination and abuse in the U.S.. A colleague of mine is from Egypt. Her husband (an arranged marriage) decided he did not want to stay in the U.S. and she was forced to quit her job here and leave with him and their two children just last week. She had been so distressed over the situation that she (Mona) and her Husband (Heesham) would not talk to each other. She and I prayed together often. At the airport, she informed me that she and the children would be living sperately from Heesham and that she would probably seek a divorce (a complicated procedure that just became legal in that country a few years ago). I am sad for the family.

Anonymous said...

The scripture said Pharaoh took Sarai as his wife. Does that mean they slept together? I'm assuming. However one of the questions says asks how God protected Sarai from sin. I'm confused. To me, it doesn't sound like God protected Sarai from sin, if she conceited?
Elisa Hyman

Anonymous said...

This passage has always been hard for me to take. Abram asked Sarai to lie to protect himself and apparently not taking into consideration what could happen to her. Only because of the plagues did Pharaoh release her. I would have found it hard to forgive Abram for only thinking of himself. God is merciful and took care of Sarai. It is reassuring that God will protect and love us when thoes that we love let us down.

Christina Ketchum said...

First of all, Sarai must have been a complete "hottie" in order for Abram to fear his life due to her beauty. It seems that Abram struggled with a lot of fear and doubt but come to think of it... so do I. Reviewing my life; I find that I am the one person that let me down the most. Even though I committed the same sins over, and over, and over, and over, and over again, God was always there to help me out. He never gave up on His foolish child!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Girls, I did a little research because it bothered me as well that it would be considered "God's protection" if Sarai had to sleep with Pharoah. As it turns out, it was a common custom for Pharoah's princes to be on the lookout for beautiful women for Pharoah's harems, of which he had many. It's possible that Pharoah himself never even saw Sarai because she was just one of many beautiful women in the palace and because Sarai was a foreigner, there probably would have been a "preparation period" so that she could be properly made fit for the king before she was presented to him. If these customs were followed, that would mean Pharoah got sick before Sarai ever came near him. Interesting, huh?


DA Wagners said...

Even if Sarah did have sex w/ the pharoh, I don't believe she would have been accountable. Her body might have been forced to commit the deed, but her soul was blameless because she simply obeyed her husband. This kind of obedience is one of the hardest things to acheive in a marriage. It is difficult to watch your spouse make mistakes, and yet still allow God room and control to make changes on His time-table.

Anonymous said...

All your comments are great. It is so interesting to me the diversity in all of us. God is so good. We need to pray for Mona and Heesham. Satan sucks...
I don't think Sarah had sex. Poor Abraham, I am sure he didn't want to call her his sister. God's word said he loved her so much. I guess he was a bit selfish to want to spare his life, but maybe he was thinking ahead.
Jen Keller

The Ocker Family said...

Very interesting stuff, thanks DeeDee. I don’t get Abraham. I’m feeling icky about the whole say you’re my sister thing so I will keep my opinions to myself until I’m in a better place.

Anonymous said...

Hey Liette-please post your thoughts even when you feel icky. I think this passage has made us all question Abraham's motives but that's what's so cool about studying together. God gives us insights and encouragement to share. Hang in there, Girl!


Barbara said...

This passage is just so encouraging for me as a wife. It gives me the reassurance that even if my husbands actions are not in line with Gods will, or with what I think is right, God will still protect me from harm.
It gives me the peace to even then submit to my spouse, because I know God will work it out and will be there for me.
Barbara Downs

jlsohl said...

Given DeeDee's insight, it's possible that Abram thought the Pharaoh wouldn't get a chance to sleep with Sarah. In all reality, he wasn't being dishonest, since he truly was her brother. I think in this instance, albeit disgusting, Abram felt that this circumstance was necessary to protect her, their family, and themselves in the end. While I haven't had to physically sacrifice myself for my husband, I would say I've made sacrifices for the betterment of our family (granted, not quite so Jerry-ish).