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Week 1 ( 5/21/07 - 5/26/07) - Sarah/Sarai, Introduction

Facts:- Sarah was Abraham's wife. (Gen. 11:29)- Abraham was Sarah's half-brother. (Gen. 20:12)- Sarah was barren until the age of 90. (Gen. 17:17)- Sarah was one of a select few who was given a miracle-birth child. (Gen. 18:10-11)- Sarai's name was changed to Sarah. Both names can mean "princess" or "beautiful to look upon." (Gen. 17:15)- Sarah's changed name emphasized the new meaning, "mother of nations." (Gen. 17:15)- Sarah lived 127 years. She was the only woman whose age at death is recorded. (Gen. 23:1)

With the above information regarding Sarah, let us now look into Scripture to learn what God desires for our lives from these significant passages.


Anonymous said...

hey ladies,
I think I am going to give this study a shot.
Jen Keller

Anonymous said...

I am so excited about this study! Can't wait to see what God reveals to us all through His Word!


Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to this study and the comments from others.
Cindy Faulkner

The Ocker Family said...

As I said (in a very lengthy way on the first post) I'm also joining the study. Liette Ocker

Barbara said...

Wow, how exciting! Another great bevy, what a creative idea...I am in for it and loocking forward to ya'lls comments!
Barbara Downs

Anonymous said...

Hi Ladies!
I'm so excited to do this study. What an awesome opportunity to do this at my own time!
Elisa Hyman

BAF - Web Bible Babes said...

The next bible study, I will make sure it reads from top to bottom instead of bottom to top. I tried to change this one around but it wouldn't let me. If there are any expert bloggers who know how to change things after it has already been published, let me know.

By the way, Liette, I LOVED your initial comment. Very organized thoughts. It totally shows that you are a professor. At best, my comments will be half organized gibberish. :-) Christina

The Ocker Family said...

You are too kind. But I must admit that this professor is already behind on her homework. Hope to catch up tomorrow.