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Week 1, Day 1

1. Read the story of Sarah from Genesis 11:26--23:20 in one sitting. Pray that the Holy Spirit will give you insight and application for your life.
2. Read Genesis 11:27-32 and list the details you learn about Sarai.
3. Read Genesis 12:1-9. Abram, Sarai, and their family had settled in Haran for a season then were on the move again. Why?
4. Look on a map and trace the journey of Abram, Sarai, and their family from Ur to Egypt. How many miles was it approximately?
5. What significance do you see in this form of travel for Sarai compared to today or 100 years ago?

1. Sarai traveled from Ur to Egypt because this was the command of her husband. What have you done recently because your spouse, parents, or job required it of you?
2. How was your attitude?
3. The Lord said for them to "go" (Gen. 12:1-2). In what area of your life is the Lord telling you to "go" today?


Anonymous said...

Wow! I never really paid much attention to the life of Sarah. I always knew the story, but not really. It's amazing how we think that only our lives have so much drama in them. But to see that even Sarah had Jerry Springer issues. She was married to her half brother and then her husband tells her to lie and say they are brother and sister rather than married to decieve other men. Then it takes her forever to concieve.

We as women tend to rely on our own understanding, rather that just trust God. I know I am so guilty of this. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who has ever gone through this. Or I forget that God does things in His perfect time and not mine.

With this study, I'm hoping to learn from women like Sarah to trust God and to find new direction for my life.

Elisa Hyman

Christina Ketchum said...

I can relate to Sarah because I recently moved to McAllen leaving my siblings (especially my twin) behind in Corpus. At first I was excited but now that I am here I am asking God "Why?!?!" I know I have a purpose here, I just don't know what it is yet. Thats how it works, you follow God's plan without knowing why and it all works out better in the end.

DA Wagners said...

I used to get mad at Sarah because she so easily gave her husband to Hagar. Why would any sensible woman do that?!? But now I understand that Abraham did it twice to Sarah. It was like a family sin. He told Sarah that if she loved him, she would tell people she was only his sister (Gen 20:13). It seems to me that if the head of the family allows a sin, it starts to trickle down to the rest of the family. Even Isaac committed the same sin with Rebekah (Gen 26: 9-10).

DA Wagners said...

I am currently being convicted about giving Daniel (Hubby) room to make more parental decisions, especially in smaller things (e.g. what will the boys wear today?) I am so used to doing most of the parental things at home, that when Daniel is here, I still want it done my way. But who really cares what the boys wear or what they eat or when they take a nap? I want Daniel to assume some of the parental responsibilities without me constantly nagging him.

Anonymous said...

What a great lesson! I have been in that place where God has called me to leave behind family and "my people". It was so difficult and I grieved as I blindly trusted Him. But if I had allowed fear to keep me from moving out, I would have missed so many blessings, even miracles that I would not have experienced any other way.

Anonymous said...

Being a stong willed and educated women, I have found it very difficult in the past to rely on my husband and to allow him to be head of the household. I have seen many cases of abuse of women who are subservient. However, in my case, it was my willfulness that contributed to sin (my husband had an affair). After the disclosure of the affair and his repentence, God led us away from our children and grands to a rural, remote part of Kentucky. I felt I had been led into the wilderness, but God knew what He was doing, and my relationship with my husband has grown tremendously.

Anonymous said...

My husband has asked me to not work anymore. He wants me to stay at home with our beautiful daughter. He is so happy that I agreed. It is so hard for me because I love to work. I loved my job. Part of me wants to go back, but I am going to do as he wishes for it is the best for our daughter. I want to pray that we all attain characteristics like Abraham.He continued to obey God. Imagine having to give up any of our loved ones to God. Actually, we do. Let us know that we are all God's children and when He wants to take any of us, He will. But can you imagine slaying your own child? What a heart for God!!!
Jen Keller

The Ocker Family said...

Okay, I don't know about you all, but I'm exhausted! As I read the passages I jotted down some notes, mainly in the form of adjectives, and it wasn’t looking too pretty (those people did some pretty horrible things!). However, after I got past the shock of all the sinning (biggies too, if I might add), I realized some important lessons. 1) GET OVER SIN !!! God forgives us because he know that we are not perfect and we will stumble. 2) Stand by you man. God created the union between husband and wife. Although, our husbands may not do things exact like we would have (see Alisa’s 2nd entry) we MUST be supportive of his efforts. Sarah ran all around the area following her husband and they were rewarded beyond the stars. 3) Trust in God. Whether it be sacrificing your first born (eeeks this is a tough one) or traveling to a new environment, God has a trustworthy plan. Just relax.

Barbara said...

It never crossed my mind, and I never made that comparison, but like Sara I left behind my family and friends in Germany to follow my husband to Corpus. My daughter was only 3 month old at that time. And let me tell you my attitude was so far from good. I did not want to leave, I did not want to come here. Trying everything not having to, it just really left me heartbroken about leaving everyone, and I was just so scared. Even to the point of considering a divorce from my husband. I was desperate and panicing.
But now I see what a great, big blessing I would have missed, had I not moved here. My relationship and my faith in God just grew so tremendously. I did not know the LORD back then like I know him now (not that I fully know him, there is always room for growth). Just experiencing and getting to know the way christianity is lived here, getting involved in a church and meeting the people I've met just depend my love for the him so much. Something I would have not been able to experience in Germany. I am so thankful and praise God for drawing me closer and closer to him (even when he has to force us).
Barbara Downs

jlsohl said...

Sarah seemed unaware of God's plan, and laughed at Abraham's faith and the promise of a son at her age. I can completely relate. When David and I were first dating, his faith was laughable, since I'd been burned by my previous church. Hearing the testimony of others left me thinking about their gulibility and their lack of cause-effect reasoning. Once I stopped trying to see things for a cause-effect, and relied on my faith in God, I, too had stories to tell about God's hand in my own life.

I get Sarah's feeling.