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Week 2 - Rebekah, Introduction (5/28/07 - 6/1/07)

From our first glimpse into Scripture, we find character qualities of humility and compassion in the women who walked the journey of early biblical history. We see that their lives were lived in servitude and with little regard from men. Sarah was a woman of beauty even in her later years. Her love for her husband was evident in her obedience; she was willing to obey him even if it cost her life. (1 Pet. 3:6) In all this, God was observing, intervening, and blessing Abraham and Sarah. He made a great promise to Abraham, and it was through Sarah that the promise was fulfilled. Even in the two incidents we studied last week that could have destroyed the promised blessing, God worked His will, kept His promise, and accomplished the miracle birth of Isaac!

It is refreshing to see that, though Abraham and Sarah sinned in different ways, God still kept His promise to them. Blessing came, and today we have received the fruit of that blessing! PRAISE BE TO GOD.

Now let's look further into the lives of these Women of Faith to learn more about our good and great God as He reveals His plan through the lives of Isaac and Rebekah.


Barbara said...
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Barbara said...

When I read the Introduction I was sad that it didn't say more about Rebekah.
Unfortunately I don't know much about her. So I am curious about this week.

Sarah said...

I take a different view of obeying my husband than the traditional one. We are not to allow ourselves to be abused, or "set ourselves up" to be resentful by NOT being honest with our husbands. Sometimes it is easier to take our hearts out of the marriage than say what we feel.
Honesty will prevent a lot of harm in the relationship, but it won't prevent pain. It is difficult to do, since none of us like pain. Being honest means I obey Jesus's leading first and receive His comfort as I work on my own character defects, not trying to change my husband, but also not allowing him to manipulate me. That is my part.
And this is the part that men may not like to hear about. It takes a strong man to be able to live with an honest woman. Thank God my husband is strong enough to handle truth spoken with consideration and love. I don't try to change my husband, but I have a responsibility to tell him the truth and let him tell me the truth. John 14:17, 15:26, 16:13