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Week 2, Day 1

1. Read Genesis 24:1-67 in one sitting. (Ladies, this is a wonderful chapter - ENJOY IT!)

2. From Genesis 23:19 through 24:14, what do you learn about the following people?





3. What did the servant do in verses 12-14?

4. What significance can be placed on this act of faith by the servant and Abraham?

5. From Genesis 24:15-27, how did God answer the servant's prayer?

6. Describe Rebekah.

7. In verses 12-27, what did the servant do? What did Rebekah do? (give verses)


1. God answers the prayer from the heart. (Gen. 24:45) How sincere and heartfelt are your prayers?

2. The servant interceded for Abraham regarding a wife for Isaac, and God faithfully responded even before the prayer was finished. (Isa. 65:24) When have you interceded for someone and by God's grace seen the answer?

3. God's desire is for us to praise, worship, and adore Him continually. (I Thess. 5:16-18) What response do you give to answered prayer? To unanswered prayer?


Christina Ketchum said...

I really enjoyed this bible study reading! It got me thinking about my prayer life because it can become so mediocre. Sometimes I pray to God without my heart completely present. I don't think God minds quick prayers as long as they are heartfelt. The funny thing is, God has ALL the answers and prayer is the best way to communicate with Him. My goal this week is to start scheduling in some genuine prayer time every day.

jlsohl said...

I know that I frequently bypass spending the time praying, actually conversing with God. So many other things get in the way. The servant's faith, boldness in asking for a specific sign for confirmation is awesome. I need reminders that it's o.k. to pray for things I need.

I'm sharing your goal, Christina.

Anonymous said...

Prayer is awesome. I especially love the answered ones. Thank you, Jesus! The prayers that God answers on His time are even better. I need to work on my ADD. I start to pray and then I start thinking of something else. I need to jump in a closet to pray so I can focus. God is telling us in this story that we can ask him specifics. So much faith in this story. Prayer is faith..

Anonymous said...

This is so funny! I have been on my journey for confirmation this past week and just prayed this morning for some signs to happen TODAY. Reading this makes me see that I need to be specific.

DA Wagners said...

I pray constantly throughout the day, which I really enjoy because it makes me focus on my purpose in life: "To love God and love others." I used to to go over my interactions with people all the time. I'd ask myself questions, such as "Did I say the right thing?"; "Did that person seem to like me?"; "Was I offended by what she said?"; "Did I present myself in a good way?" Now, instead of getting caught up in all that trivial thinking and anxiety, I just pray blessings over that person. I pray God touch her life. I pray that God will cover her with His protection, etc. All of my insecurities and anxiety vanish and are replaced with a love for her and a desire for her to be blessed. It is so freeing, and I feel like I've done more than fret over insignificant things.

Barbara said...

Wow, wonderful comments. As I read them I went like "yup, uh-hum, that's me too", noding my head. It's so good to read that others are in the same boat. Great input.
Actually I've been praying about my prayer-life to improve in areas ya'll mentioned. Funny!
The last question really made me think. Of course I am thankful for answered prayers, but somehow sometimes that doesn't seem enough for me. I'd like to do more than praise God and say thank you. In what ways do ya'll show your gratitude to him? Maybe I just need to let go of the thought I need to do more.
Maybe I also could start jounaling my prayers and the answers. That might be a good way for me to go back and read about the prayers God has anwered, when he has me waiting and I am getting unpatient or even mad.

DA Wagners said...

Barbara, you should definitely make a prayer box. Put a hole in a box and decorate it. Whenever you have a prayer, write it down along w/ the date on a piece of paper and slip it into the box. This way you have symbolically given the prayer to God and you won't have to fret over it anymore. Check the box periodically to see how God has answered your prayers and how fast. I might start trying this myself. Seems like a good way to watch God at work.

Anonymous said...

A prayer box is a great idea.
Jen Keller