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Week 2, Day 5

Rebekah was a woman of hospitality and gentle caring. Early in her story we see her willingness to serve by watering the multitude of camels that Abraham's servant had brought. Later, she demonstrated a tenderness toward Jacob that is worth noting. Her desire to see justice for Jacob became clouded, and her impatience with her husband Isaac caused her great sorrow.

Read Romans 9:10-13 where Rebekah is mentioned. What does it say?


Anonymous said...

I didn't really understand what Roman's was trying to say. I read before it and after and still a bit confused. Any one understand?

Christina said...


I found a website that tries to explains it.
Not too sure if it is a reputable source but its a good read.
Any news on your business stuff?

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh....I forgot to post it! LOL! I'm selling my business. It's so funny! I was feeling like I wanted to sell it, but I wasn't getting any clear confirmation. I was reading, praying and still nothing "cloud parting." So we went to Hometeam and I was telling my husband I still didn't feel like God was speaking to me in an obvious way. Well long of the guys in the hometeam was talking about his situation and said, as if God was talking to him, "You've learned what you needed to learn, now get the heck out of there!" I knew that was for me. So how, when and how much I still don't know. But I'm selling it! Yeah!

Janel said...

Wow Christina. I read about half but the first had some good info about how God has already knows or has decided, as this author implies, where we'll end up before we're born, regardless of what choices we make. So then I thought what if God decides that we'll end up like Esau, and he'll hate us. Then I, after reading The Message translation for clarity, I decided that since he's already made the ulimate sacrifice for us, even if he originally had other plans for us, those were negated by Jesus death. Grace wins again.

Congratulations on your decision, Elisa! I'll pray for the next steps for you. How did your prayer time go this week Christina?

Christina said...

Now I pray every time I nurse Noah. I am there for about 1/2 hour every few hours so I think I am getting a lot of prayer time in. I keep all my prayer request on my computer since i am here all the time anyway.

Noah is awake. Time to go PRAY!!

DA Wagners said...

To me that verse means to fervently seek after God's heart. Jacob was kind of the bad son; the black sheep; the sinner. But, he intimately knew God (wrestled w/ Him). It doesn't matter what we've done in our past; if we desire to know God and love Him . . . we will be His favorites! Amen to that! I pray all the time, "Lord, show me how I can love you more." And I'm greedy enough to tell God,"Father, I want to be your favorite daughter. Love me! Love me! Love me!"