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Week 3, Day 1

1. Read Genesis 29:1-12, and tell how Rachel and Jacob met.

2. From Genesis 29:1-20, describe Rachel and Leah.



3. Summarize the events of Jacob's wedding day from Genesis 29:21-30. What happened on the seventh day of the wedding feast? (give verse)

4. In Genesis 29:31 we are told, "Now the LORD saw that Leah was unloved and He opened her womb, but Rachel was barren." What does this verse tell you about God?

5. From Genesis 29:32-35 and 30:17-20, list Leah's sons and explain her thoughts as she gave birth to each one.

6. After Leah gave birth to Judah, how did her focus change?


1. God looks at the heart. Beware of only observing the outside features of a person. What does God see inside you today? (Psa. 19:14)

Who have you chosen to like or dislike because of their outward appearance, ethnic background, or religious belief?

2. True contentment can only come through God. Can you relate in any way to Leah's situation of feeling unloved? (Gen. 29:35; 1 Tim. 6:1-10)

Can you, like Leah, say "This time I will praise the Lord"?


Christina said...

This was a good read but was hard for me to relate to in my current situation. I feel EXTREMELY LOVED!!! I have so much family and so many friends that I am swimming in LOVE. Even when I live away from my family and friends I can still feel their love. Example: I didn't talk to my twin at all yesterday and she sent me a text asking if I was ok. If I even feel slightly unloved there are numerous people I can turn to, even ex-coworkers. There was a time in my life that I didn't feel loved but then I realized I was in control over that situation. So instead of just HOPING people will love me I ask them to love me. Plus I believe if you show lots-o-love you will normally get back lots-o-love.

Janel said...

I can relate to Leah. There are some days when I only talk to my children until my husband comes home from work, and these days it's hard to feel the love I know is there. I get too wrapped up in my "to-do" list that I forget that I'm #1 on God's "to-love" list everyday.

DA Wagners said...

Well, Christina, you didn't return any of my calls! I thought you were in the hospital or something! The questions for this week are hard. I can't really say I have felt unloved, but I have been judged by external things that say nothing of my character. My voice has always been difficult. No one really understands how it feels to be alienated until they have a speech impedement. Communication is so vital and so taken for granted. People disrespect you or never take you serious or think less of you if your voice sounds different. Also, I'm very positive and get excited (in a good way) easily. A lot of people won't take me seriously just because I'm happy. Life is too short to be negative. And it is more interesting when you get excited even over the smallest of things.

Anonymous said...

I was gangly and tall as a child. My family was very hectic with 5 brothers, one with downs syndrome. My mother was a wonderful woman but pretty overwhelmed with caring for us. The first time I felt ugly was at a girl-friends house...I was about 12 y/o. My friends sister spent at least an hour trying to brush out knotts in my long hair and told me about deoderant. She showed me how to shave my hairy black legs. I felt like such an ugly duckling because I was clueless about my appearance until that point. When I began to take more care of my appearance, the boys started getting interested in me. It remains true in Biblical times as it does now that how we look can alter peoples perceptions. I try very hard to find out who people are and not judge them by how they look. My children have learned this lesson very well and we have diverse family members and friends because of this.
Cindy Faulkner