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Week 3, Day 2

1. Read Genesis 30:1-24. What was Rachel's trouble, and how did she decide to deal with it?

Rachel fell into the same impatient trap that Sarah had. Her maidservant did indeed bear two sons, Dan and Naphtali, and Rachel felt a temporary sense of vindication. The animosity between the sisters continued however. Once Leah became barren she did the same thing as Rachel and gave her maidservant to Jacob. From this union came two more sons, Gad and Asher.

2. At this point Rachel and Leah were both barren. Who furnished Leah with mandrakes? (Gen. 30:14)

Mandrakes were a root used in ancient times as an aphrodisiac. It is known today that this root has a relaxing effect on the womb.

3. What was the negotiation regarding the mandrakes in verses 14-15? Did it work in producing a child for Rachel?

4. What occurred for Leah after this, and what was her hope from verse 20?

5. Describe the LORD's blessing to Rachel.


1. God's hand holds the barrenness and blessedness of the womb. How has God touched your bearing of children physically and spiritually? (Psa. 139:1-16)

2. Man's means of fertility is void apart from God. In what area of your home life are you less than fertile today?

3. It is God who blesses the people of the earth. What has God blessed you with today? Have you thanked Him?


Christina said...

2. In what area of your home life are you less than fertile today?

To answer this question honestly it is being intimate (physically) with my hubby. After my son was born I have been less than motivated. I really need to put on some lingerie, play a little Barry Manilow, light a candle and get with it.

DA Wagners said...

Let me first say that Jacob seemed to be on the passive side. When Leah said, "I have hired you," I was a little shocked! It seems like he just slept with whomever he was told to. He was like a pawn between his two wives. I guess that's why it's better just to have one wife! Amen to that! Crissy, the moods to be intimate does come less when you are breast feeding because the possibility to get pregnant is less and inately your body knows that. This is a time when a woman needs to buck up and fulfill a need they'd rather not (kinda of like doing the laundry). But, in the end, if it's not you, another woman would be happy to take your place. So it's better that you took care of business yourself! Anyways, when I read the questions, I thought of you, Crissy. The doctor's didn't even know you would be able to have kids; but so close after you almost died, you got pregnant and now you have beautiful Noah. God is such a Healer!

Anonymous said...

I'm still here! i had computer issues and am playing catch up! Wow...juicy juicy! The baby mama drama! Although i can concieve I have had 3 miscarriages. I don't really feel "barren" rather I feel it as a way to tell me that we are called to adopt. I can't imagine or relate to a feeling of being barren or unloved, at least at this time in my life. So I have a question. Do y'all think God still makes women barren as he sees fit?

Janel said...

That's an interesting question Elisa. I'd say that God allows things to happen to further His plans in all aspects of our lives, including our ferility.

I was surprised at how Jacob was portrayed. WOW! Jacob for hire, for a bit anyway.

My blessings are my amazing family and friends, my growing relationship with God, and the experiences that have led me to be who I am today. I have thanked Him for these blessings, and continue to do so each day.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how the women would try to control something as precious as having children! It was a competition to them and I wonder how the children felt being born under such a motivation. Especially the children born from the servents. I agree with Alisa that one wife is plenty. I had a miscarriage when I was too young to be a mother. I believe God took my burden from me because I refused to have an abortion. He also knew that while I arranged to have my twins adopted, I would have had saddness all my life not knowing what happened to them. Instead I have only joy and praise that God took mercy on me and is caring for my sons in heaven. I cannot wait to see them!
Cindy Faulkner