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Week 3, Day 5

1. Read Genesis 33:1-17. In what order did Jacob send his family to meet Esau?

2. What does this tell you about the importance of these women and their children according to Jacob?

3. Read Genesis 35:16-20, and tell what happened to Rachel.

This is a sad closure to a life of many sorrows and joys for Rachel. She died giving birth to her second son. She wanted to name him Benoni, which means "son of my sorrow." However, Jacob gave him the name Benjamin, which means "son of the right hand." Jacob dearly loved Rachel. This sad parting was very difficult for him. In Genesis 48:7 he said, "Rachel died, to my sorrow." He buried her at the place where she died, and her tomb became a memorial in Israel. (I Sam. 10:2)

4. Where was Leah buried? How does this show that she was honored in death, as compared to Rachel? (Gen. 49:29-31)


1. God is fair, just, and merciful. (Rom. 9:8-18) How can you begin today to show a more fair attitude in your home, work, neighborhood, and church?

2. God is the author and finisher of life. (Acts 17:24-28) What are you doing today that is life-enhancing to the Kingdom of God?


Christina said...

What are you doing today that is life-enhancing to the Kingdom of God?

God has a plan for me; I am just not too sure what it is right now (possibly something in Christian counseling). For now, I am trying to develop an intimate relationship with Him and learn as much as I can about the Bible. That way I will be prepared when God shows me my purpose and says "Jump in!”

Anonymous said...

What are you doing today that is life-enhancing to the Kingdom of God?

God's plan for me has grown like a long winding path. It is never a set goal but a flexible journey that He has allowed me to travel on. Currently, I am trying to be a good and loving woman. I want people to see Christianity as a loving faith, not a legalistic faternity. My coworkers and many student know that I am a Christian and will come to me to ask me to pray for them or I am sought out to be of some help because they can rely on me. Sometimes I get overworked and impatient and I have been praying that God reduce my stress. It is working!

Carol M said...

I know God has a plan for all of us. I am still trying to find out what He has for me. I am getting older and I still am not sure His purpose for my life.

DA Wagners said...

I'm definitely praying more. I've really realized the power of prayer. I know I've heard that cliche before, but I've started seeing the effect of prayer in my life, my Home Team's life and the lives of my friends.