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Week 3, Day 4

1. Read Genesis 31:22-35. Describe the incident between Laban, Jacob, and Rachel.

2. What do you suppose was Rachel's plan for the idols?

3. From this passage we are led to believe that no one else knew about the idols except Rachel. What transpired later? (Gen. 35:1-4)


1. God says we must have no other gods before Him! (Ex. 20:1-6) Lest we judge Rachel too quickly, what form of idol worship might you need to throw away? Do you desire purification today?


Christina said...

This is silly but something I have been working on in my life. I have a quiet interest in... celebrity gossip. Yes, VERY SILLY! I have no idea what TV shows these celebrities play in but I know what they are wearing and how they stay fit. I used to read magazines and watch E Television periodically, not all the time but enough that I was up-to-date on who was dating who. Now I only allow myself to watch E when I am exercising and no longer buy magazines (but I will flip through them at another person's house). I thought I would spend more time reading REAL news but GOLLY there is a lot of horrible stuff out there!

Anonymous said...

Christina, I know what you mean. Man, I love the celeberity gossip. I never bought the magazines and we don't have cable, so i just get to watch extra a couple times a week. I don't think it's really placing them as idols, becasue I really DON:T idolize them. I've never thought they were any better than any of us. But I just like to hear the scoop, you know? I guess that's really another type of sin. Anyways, I'm REALLY liking this bible study. Yesterday, I couldn't put my bible down. Talk about scoop! LOL. Thanks you so much for orgnizing this! I can't wait to learn more!

Anonymous said...

Rachel is a very deceptive and manipulative woman. How could she steal from her own father? I wonder that she wants to sell the stolen idols more than worship them. She seems a shallow person that is more interested in money than faith. I have always been facinated with the "celebrities". I never try to emulate them, but I do track what they do, wear and say because of the influence they have on our culture. Like it or not, celebrities create a pulse in our society for major issues such as hybrid cars, adoptions overseas, styles for clothes and hair, tolerance for divorce, ect. (good and bad). We are outsiders looking in to wealth than we can only imagine and Thank God Paris Hilton is in jail!

Anonymous said...

Okay, y;all...I have some AWESOME news! I had some guy call and order some bath bombs and I was praying before he got here to pick them up. I felt like God was telling me that this guy is going to buy my business. WELL...he is in the navy and we were making small talk about orders and moving and he said that I need to keep my website up when we move. I told him that actually, I was selling my business. He said that he is interested! OMG! It's nothing final, but wow.....God is so awesome! I just had to let y'all know!

Anonymous said...

Elisa, that's awesome! I can't wait to hear how God provides!


Christina said...


That just proves the power of prayer! Totally cool!

DA Wagners said...

By my actions I know I put almost everything above God, though I love Him the most. It is so easy to put Him on the back burner. I know that some weeks I spend more time cleaning than I do with. It's so sad, and I'm trying to do better.