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Week 4, Day 3


1. Read 1 Samuel 1:1-18. Describe Hannah and her reasons for having great sorrow.

2. What did Hannah do about her sadness? (vv.10-11)

3. Where was she praying, and who was watching?

4. What was Eli's first impression of Hannah?

5. How did Hannah reply, and what were her inner thoughts? (vv.15-16)

6. Can you relate to Hannah in her extreme grief?

7. What did Eli say in verse 17?


1. Earnest prayer brings us to a point of total honesty with God. What are you praying about because your spirit has been oppressed and you have great concern?

2. God sees the heart of the prayer request. When have you been misunderstood in prayer by someone else?


Anonymous said...

I have prayed as Hannah has, with great fervor, until I was exhauted. It was February 2nd...the day I found out my daughter was in a life-threatening car accident. I received the call early in the morning from her sister, panicked and needing comfort, while my mind was reeling with fear. As I made plans to fly out, I received another call that my disabled brother was being abused in his group home. I still do not recall much about the day except that I arranged for another brother to take care of the abuse allegation and I flew to Texas immediately to see my daughter. What does remain clear during my fog of panic is that I never stopped praying. On the plane, I was like Hannah with my lips moving and no sound. God listened to my prayers to rescue my daughter and my brother and to give me strength through the crises. HE is the rock and my shelter! HE will calm the storms! Praise God Almighty!
Cindy Faulkner

Christina K :-) said...

I have been pretty selfish in the past in regards to prayer. Wanting (begging) others to pray for me and not having an obedient prayer life myself. I would pray quickly before dinner and at night but not much more. If someone asked me to pray for them, I would say a quick prayer and be relieved of my obligation. Now I am really trying to have an obedient prayer life. I have certain times throughout the day that I pray and I will dedicate each prayer session to a certain praise or prayer request. When I am asked to pray for someone, I mark 30 days on my calendar to dedicate prayer time to it. It seems like a lot of work but I try and multi-task my prayer life. When I am playing with my son I praise God for him. After I talk to a family member or friend I spend 10 minutes praying for them. When I am mopping the floor I pray for specific prayer requests. Therefore, you can depend on me to pray for you with all my heart but I may be cleaning my toilet at the same time.

Anonymous said...

christina, that is so cool. I guess my prayer life is better at times. I am going to pray when I clean too. That is about the only time I have to pray. I guess I can say that I prayed fervently the other night out of desperation. My computer was messing up and I stressed so bad. I was only thinking the most negative thoughts. Because of my husband, we depend on it too much. It was really silly. But it really comes down to him leaving. It all hit me that night. I have been trying to keep myself so busy that I didn't take to stop and take a deep breath. But, God has totally answered that prayer that night. Thank you Jesus.
Jen Keller