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Week 5, Conclusion

From Elizabeth's story, we see a humble, joyful, and grateful life. This woman--the wife of Zechariah, from the family of Aaron, righteous in the sight of God, and walking blamelessly in the commandments--was once barren. Then by miraculous intervention she became fruitful for the Lord. She was joyful in her life's mission and was privileged to be available and useful to God as the mother of John the Baptist.

This woman, advanced in years, was watching and waiting for the Messiah. She and her husband knew the promises of God, and God blessed them. Their prayer for a child was heard by God, and His answer came in a most unusual manner. Elizabeth was a woman who knew how to recognize God in her life. The gift she was given was a blessing beyond anything she could have hoped for.

Elizabeth's cousin Mary visited her, and in that meeting, Elizabeth (filled with the Holy Spirit) was blessed. She had the privilege to fellowship with Mary, a woman blessed by God to carry the Messiah. These two women brought much joy to one another. The bond of their friendship was small in comparison, however, to that of Jesus and John, even from the womb.

God's faithfulness to bless the lowly and the barren is a joyous demonstration of His unfailing mercy on His children. We are blessed to share in their joy.



DA Wagners said...

I like that: joy comes with obedience and faith. I love joy. I'm happy a lot; but when I feel joy, it is usually comes after a lot of obedience through the valleys and faith and Trust in God's plan. I'd much rather have a life filled with obstacles that end with a cup-o-joy, than a life of blah, blah, blah. I want to turn that blah, blah, blah into blessed, blessed, blessed! How 'bout you?

Twisting His Arm said...

I really enjoyed this week. Of course I really enjoy every week. Alisa, I like your ‘blah, blah, blah’ comment and it is so true. I don't want safe mediocre and following God's plan is anything but mediocre.

Web Bible Babes said...

This was a short but wonderful week. As a special treat, tomorrow we will be posting a devotion from 'Wake Up Laughing: Off Beat Devotions for the Unconventional Woman". It is a very funny devotion so log on tomorrow! We only have 1 more week left in the study!!!!

:-) Christina

Anonymous said...

I really liked learning about Elizabeth too.