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Week 5, Day 3

How long did Mary visit with Elizabeth? (Luke 1:56) Give your best estimate of the month of pregnancy each woman was in at this time.

2. Describe the scene when Elizabeth gave birth. (vv.57-58)

3. Were the angel's words to her correct? (v.14)

4. On the eighth day after John's birth, circumcision took place. The custom was to name the firstborn son after the father. What did Elizabeth say about naming the baby? (Luke 1:59-66)

5. How did Zechariah respond?

6. How did writing John's name on the tablet bring freedom and joy for Zechariah?

7. After Zechariah's tongue was loosened, what immediately followed? (v.64)

8. What happened to Zechariah in verse 67?

9. How did this prophecy confirm "believing faith" in Zechariah for his son and the Messiah his son would prepare the way for?

10. Were those nine months of silence productive for Zechariah?

11. What are you walking through right now that has kept you silent in order to allow God to move you in obedience and faith?


1. God's promises, when fulfilled, always bring joy, gladness, and praise! The joy of the Lord is your strength. Have you claimed His promises for yourself today?

2. True prophecy comes only through the Holy Spirit. How careful are you regarding prophecy today? Do you measure what you hear by the Word of God?

3. Sometimes learning requires a time of humiliation and being quiet before the Lord. When was the last time you were quiet before the Lord, waiting in anticipation to hear Him speak to you?



Twisting His Arm said...

When was the last time you were quiet before the Lord?

Actually I am in the middle of this right now. I was very involved with helping others at work and church but God has told me to step back and take some time to focus on developing my spiritual walk and bible knowledge. I am really trying to take advantage of this “quiet time” and do bible studies, read educational Christian books, and pray. I know God has done this for me before (4 times) but I never took advantage of the opportunity (pretty sad). I plan on finally taking advantage of this “quiet time” so God will REALLY be able to use me for his purpose.

:-) Christina

Janel said...

This is my first bible study. I'm walking each morning, now, and using that time to talk to Him. I find that if I'm not talking to Him my mind wanders and is filled with to-do lists, concerns, and questions. I am working to listen, clearing my mind to hear His call to me.

DA Wagners said...

When I read about Zech's tongue becoming untied after he named his boy John, it confirmed to me something important. I always had a sneaky suspicion that God allowed or did things to us (that are not always good) in the present that will enable us to make the right choice in the future. I've seen several instances in my life where I went through something confusing and difficult and I've noticed that it probably influenced an important decision that altered the course of my life. Maybe if Zech wasn't tongue-tied, he would have went against God's wish to name his son John. I will charge myself in the future that when something negative happens, I will carefully monitor how it affects my outlook and the choices I make.

Another thing. I remember hearing testimonies from people saying that they were so busy serving God that they didn't make time for God. I never quite understood how that could be possible, but now I'm getting an idea. I really do see how someone could get too busy in a ministry. It does take effort to clear the schedule for 15 min. to spend time with Him. I pray a lot, but I really don't make time to just sit and listen. First of all, I wouldn't know what I would be listening for. In the past I've felt a leading from God or comfort or something like that; but, I've never just sat and listen. Second of all, I'm kind of scared to listen. I'm scared He's going to ask my obedience in something that I don't want to do. And once I've heard His command, I've got to be obedient. It's like a kid covering his ears so he doesn't have to listen to his mom tell him to get up in the morning. However, God could just be whispering His love over me, which I would totally hate to miss out on. I guess like any child, I have to take the love along with the instruction . . . oh, but I do want to have more of the love. That reminds me, I probably need to show my 3yr old less commands and more love. Yikes! So much to do and learn.

DA Wagners said...

woops! Sorry, I wrote so much.