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Week 6, Day 2

"The Church"
Isaiah 54:11-17, 55:1-13

1. Read Isaiah 54:11-17 and describe the loveliness of this new city. (Heb. 12:18-24; Rev. 21:1-27)

2. In Hebrews 12:23, what is meant by the "church of the firstborn"? Who are they, and how does this tie into Israel as the firstborn from the Old Testament passages?

3. Read Isaiah 55:1-13. Ask God to show you who Isaiah was writing to. (key verses: 3, 4, 13b)(Jer. 29:10-14)


1. The new Jerusalem is real and will be established one day! Are you eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new Jerusalem and Christ's return?

2. The Church of the firstborn is the Church of the New Covenant, which was established by Jesus to the glory of God. Those who believe in Jesus are God's children. Write a prayer praising God that you are His child.

3. God's firstborn, Israel, is promised everlasting blessings (along with those who believe in Jesus). Do you know a person who needs to be introduced to Jesus? Pray about your witness to that person, and then just do it!


Twisting His Arm said...

Do you know a person who needs to be introduced to Jesus?

There are some family members on my hubby's side that would benefit from Jesus’ love. It is a delicate balance because I don't want to be too overpowering but not speak at all. I can see where non-Christians get frustrated. Our pest man is a Christian and he is always talking about his faith (which is awesome) but it seems he is always talking down to me. I keep reminding him that I am also a Christian but he isn't interested in what I say. I have even tried to prove it to him (I do bible studies, my son is named Noah, I volunteer at church) but he didn’t care so I stopped trying. I hope his heart is in the right place but I feel so degraded every time he comes to my house. I am actually considering switching pest companies. Isn’t that RIDICULOUS!!!! If I am so turned off by this man I can only imagine how non-Christians feel after being ‘talked down to’ by him. I feel if you pray about it and speak to someone from the heart it will all work out fine.

Anonymous said...

I can totally relate. When we lived in New Orleans, I was friends with an agnostic. Sometimes, I just wanted to shake her to make her see. But knowing that me shoving it down her thoat was only going to turn her away. I prayed that God would open her heart, and I just waited. I never condemed her for her beliefs, I just stood by mine. Gradually, she'd ask me questions on what I believe about gays, adultrey, heaven, etc.. I just told her what the bible says about it and that I know that it is wrong, but who am I to judge if all sins are equal? How can I condemn a gay person if I am gossiping? They are both the same in God's eyes, both sins, right? Long story, eventually she excepted Christ! I can't wait to experience it again!

DA Wagners said...

"Thank You, Father, that I am Your child. I can't imagine how hopeless this life would feel without You. Many times I get scared about the big picture. Why are we here? Why is there death? What is the meaning of every thing? But, I trust in You and every thing is fine. I understand so little about this life, but I can feel safe in the fact that You understand every thing! Thank You for creating me! Than You for blessing me! Thank you for loving me so much that You found a way that I could be saved, though I'm truly a sinner! Thank You for coming down to earth and taking my punishment! Thank You for surrounding me by people I love who also love You. And thank You for the ability to get to know You more! Help me to be a better daughter that when You look at this world, You may be pleased by my life!"