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Week 6, Day 3

Isaiah 56

1. Yesterday we saw the word "church" associated with firstborn. Read Isaiah 56:1-12 and prayerfully note what is said about the people listed below. (I have used the New American Standard Version.)
v. 4 - EUNUCH
v. 8 - OTHERS

2. Look at Isaiah 56:8 and explore the meaning of the two groups "who will be gathered" by comparing the following passages: Isaiah 11:11-12, 60:3-11, 66:19-22; John 10:16.

3. How does this fit with the New Testament passages of Revelation 7:9-10 and 19:1-6?


1. God has called people from all nations to be part of the New Covenant. Who do you know that needs to hear the message of the gospel today?

2. When did you accept the call of God on your life?

3. Where does God have you today as a witness of Himself to the nations?


Twisting His Arm said...

I became a Christian when I was 14 y/o. After a couple of years, I turned away from God. While in college, I didnt even consider myself a Christian. After college, I went through a few things that brought me to my knees again. Thank God for the tribulations in our lives!
:-) Christina

Anonymous said...

I became a Christian at 33. I was brought up in the church but really never had accepted Christ. A friend invited me to Community Bible Study and that is when the journey really began. What most excites me about this lesson is that we will all be together. In John, he says we will be one flock and have one shepherd. Christina, we won't have to worry about other Christians who critize us for not believing like them or not being in their demonation. We will all be one if we have received Jesus.

DA Wagners said...

Crissy doesn't know this. But, I became a Christian only secods after she did. We were in a revival, and we we're in a circle of prayer. I was resisting God, until I saw my twin sister crying. When I saw her, it was the needled that pricked my heart and opened it to God. It is such a blessing to become a Christian only seconds after Your twin. Thanks for hearing God so clearly (Crissy), so that my heart would turn towards Him because of you.