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Week 2 - Day 1

Last week we studied James 1:1-8 together, looking at trials in our lives. Review those verses to put today’s verses in context.

Now read what follows: James 1:9-12.

1. In this section James deals with life situations of two kinds of people: (1) the one of “humble means” (NET), “humble circumstances” (NIV) or “the lowly” (NKJV), and (2) the rich. Since they are in contrast, what kind of situation does humble describe? What does he tell the person in each situation to do?

2. Now this is a thinking question and your answer may be “none”. But think about it! What relationship do you see between James 1:2-8 and James 1:9-11? Why would James move into this seemingly new topic?

The word for “pride” (James 1:9 NET, NIV) is “kauchastho (boast). It is used in this identical form four times in Jer. 9:23-24 in the Greek Old Testament (the Septuagint).”

3. Since the same word is used in the same way in Jer. 9:23-24, read that passage. Then, explain what it means for a believer to “take pride in” (NIV; NET) her/his high position (James 1:9).

4. James says that the believer “of humble means” (NET) is to take pride in his high position. What do you learn about your high position as a follower of Jesus from these verses?
a. Luke 6:20
b. Eph. 1:3
c. Col. 1:22
d. Col. 1:27
e. Col. 3:3-4

Stronger Jeans (optional): Use your concordance to find other New Testament verses that deal with poverty or the poor. What do you learn from them?

5. Sharing Question: You may or may not have ever been in a position of monetary need. If you have, share with your group how that felt. If you have not, you may someday face a situation where you feel humbled by your circumstances, a need of any kind. Think through a practical way that you can remind yourself of your position before God when that happens.

6. Responding to God: Go through the verses from #4 in this lesson. Take each verse and thank God for what it says about your position as a believer. Or write a poem thanking Him for your high position.


Twisting His Arm said...

I remember being in college and not having ANY money. I worked at a homeless shelter so I would eat food there. I shopped at thrift stores in order to get sweaters & jeans for the winter. My car always broke down and I never went to a movie. I actually didn't mind too much. I kind of liked being a poor college student. I have never known REAL desperation like people do from poverty stricken countries like China. I can see how having nothing can bring you closer to God because you have nowhere else to turn. Perseverance would be a daily action. I pray that I never have to find out what real desperation is, such as being without food, shelter, or safety. However, I do pray for help keeping my eyes off of frivolous nonsense that money can buy and concentrate on what really matters - God and family. I also make sure I thank God for his blessings every day!!!
:-) christina

Sohl Gal said...

I remember as a kid hearing my parents talking about our lack of money, and they'd always say we couldn't afford this, pay for that. These circumstances help me to appreciate what I can do with the blessings He's given me. I think God allows us to go through the growth periods so that when we come through we remember who is really in charge and we can share our experiences with others.

DA Wagners said...

God asked me to go on a mission trip to Central America. I assumed that God would miraculously provide the couple thousand it cost to go on the trip, like I would look in the mail box and the money would just be there with a ribbon around it. However, I felt God telling me to ask others to donate the money. I did not want to do this. Why should I ask people for money to go on a trip that wasn't even my idea in the first place? I was angry with God. I felt like He was trapping me. It was one of the most humbling things of my life. But, I did it. I sent out letters to ask for money, and people were happy to donate. It was really cool and a good lesson for me. God provides our needs when we humble ourselves and take help from others. Like pastor Bill always says, "You need to make an ask of yourself." I realized God wasn't trapping me; he was teaching me.

Anonymous said...

I have never really been destitute, but I have known times of need.
I remind myself of the time I have been to other countries where I saw children rummaging through trash as tall as 1-2 story buildings looking for food.

Latoya said...

I have been through times of financial need or lack. During those times I feel helpless, alone, deprived, and mad. I want to know why I am not walking in the life promised to the saints. I also want to know when God will move on my behalf. Sometimes I feel pain and it is so heavy that I break down. Yet, I can see the light and God is taking me out of such a season, for good.