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Week 2 - Day 2

Yesterday we looked at James’ words to the believer of humble circumstances. Today we will study what he says to the rich.

Reread James 1:9-11.

There is debate among scholars as to whether James is speaking of rich believers or of wicked unbelievers here. If this is a believer, taking pride in his low position would mean that “the rich believer is to boast not in his wealth or his elevated social position, but in his identification with Christ and his people, a matter of ‘humiliation’ in the eyes of the world.”

Stronger Jeans (optional): Study your commentaries or study Bible about the meaning of “rich” here. Is it a believer or not? Explain the arguments for both views.

1. What pictures or illustrations does James use to teach the rich? What point is he trying to make to them?

In case you are wondering what James means when he says that the rich “pass away”, Moo has this to say: “The verb ‘pass away’ is never used in the NT to denote judgment. Rather, it typically has the idea ‘cease to exist.’”

2. Read these verses and write down how they relate to James’ teaching about the rich:
a. Isa. 40:6-8
b. Ps. 103:15-16
c. Ps. 49:16-17

3. Materialism is rampant in our American society today. How would truly believing James’s words here affect our attitudes toward money and other material possessions?

4. Sharing Question: What is God saying to you about money or material things? He may be showing you that you are selfishly hoarding money. You may realize that you value people with money more than others. Perhaps God is saying that you spend inordinate amounts of time shopping and buying things. What one thing can you do this week to let go of wrong attitudes or actions?

5. Responding to God: Write a prayer to God about what He showed you in the previous question. Write down your commitment to follow through with that one action.


Sohl Gal said...

God has been showing me that my husband and I need to be better stewards with the gifts He's given us. This is a tough thing to talk about with him. As a stay a home, Christian mom, I'm not sure how to discuss this with him. How do I show him the respect he deserves as the leader of the family, yet show him God's will and direction?

Twisting His Arm said...

I am with you Sohl Gal regarding it being difficult to speak with my hubby about financial concerns (even when I was working full-time). When we first got married I tried to talk with him about it but it had negative results. I finally realized that I wasn't accountable for his actions. All I could do was pray for him and try to be a good steward of money that passed through my hands. It was very FREEING!!! My hubby is doing much better now but it was nothing I did. I also think God has different demands for each person. He may want some people to give up everything and join the mission field. I need to give up my couple time a week $5 Starbucks!!!

DA Wagners said...

God is showing me that I need to take better care of things He has blessed us with. I need to make sure my house, car, groceries, clothes, yard, etc. all feel like a blessing from God. God has blessed me with so much, and it takes so much time to care for those blessings. And, though it is impossible to be perfect at caring for everything, I want to at least make an effort to show God that I appreciate everything He has given us.

I'm also trying to teach Isaac to appreciate the toys, clothes, books, etc. he has. I wont' let him throw his toys or rip his books because I want him to know that his toys are a gift from God. It would be so easy for me to shrug if off, but he needs to treat and care for them as gifts from God.

Anonymous said...

God continues to show me though it's important to be good stewards of all He has given me, I always have to put people first before things. I just can't put a clean house over people's feelings.

Also, I need to cut down on internet shopping because too much surfing is not being a good steward of time.

Latoya said...

My downfall with money is not sticking to my budget. I must create one and resume sticking to it.

Latoya said...

I have also been shown that I must be a better steward at taking care of all God has given me. Just the other day I was thinking about a new car. God later interupted me and let me know, I'm not done with taking care of the one I have. I find that getting caught up in the business of each day can make me lose sight of what I need to take care of.